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Town Band Club

Photo by Perrot & Lacey – Higham Road Studio

This picture comes with no caption, but it is thought to be the Band Club.
Can you identify anyone for us please? Do you recognise the cup?

Rushden Echo, 16th March 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins

A New Club—to be called the Rushden Town Band Working Men’s Club and Institute has been formed, and the factory formerly occupied by Mr Eli Robinson in Manton-road, has been taken for the purpose, forming very convenient premises. The bottom floor consists of a bar, a portion being partitioned off as a skittle room.

Rushden Argus, 20th March 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Higham Ferrers - Cribbage—In the Rushden and District league, Rushden Town Band Club defeated Higham Athletic on Monday by 31 – 24. A cribbage tournament took place at the Town Band Club [HF] on Saturday, there being upwards of 40 entries. The winners were: 1 R. White, 2 Joe Lambert, 3 A. Pettitt, 4 S. Caswell. An enjoyable social followed.

Rushden Echo, 21st July 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Town Band Club—At the half-yearly meeting Mr. J. Green presided, supported by Mr. J. Watford (vice-chairman) and Mr. E. Austin (secretary). The accounts showed a gross profit of £91/19/7½.
Mr. H. Bazeley was re-appointed trustee. It was decided that a committee of seven should have the sole control of all the games and tournaments during the coming season, Mr. J. Green being elected chairman.

Rushden Echo, 25th August 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rushden Rifle Band and the Town Band Club Male Choir had a good half day’s holiday on Saturday. By the kind invitation of the Matron, the Northamptonshire War Hospital at Duston was visited by 23 of the band and 24 of the male choir, and a first class concert was given in the theatre to about 500 wounded soldiers and the nurses. Several who were looking forward to the concert were unable to be present on account of the severe wounds and their very low condition. The following programme was well rendered: March, La Romarno, Band; selection, musical comedy, The Girl in the Taxi; glee, Sweet doth blush, Male Choir; selection, Comrades in arms, Male Choir, valse, Eton boating song, Band; fantasia, Melodies of Great Britain and Ireland; glee, O’er the downs, Male Choir; selection Martyrs of the arena, Male Choir; cornet sols, I hear you calling me (encore, Until), Mr. M. J. Roberts; selection, Popular songs: Still smiling (encored); selections, The oath, and Twilights, Male Choir. The conductor of the band was Mr. C. H. Baker and of the choir Mr. W. G. Hardwick. The cornet solos and the solos and the songs in "Still smiling" brought down the house. Hopes were expressed that the visitors would pay a return visit to the hospital.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 19th January 1951, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden choir's annual dinner
Rushden Band Club Male Voice Choir held its first annual dinner at the club last week, followed by an evening of games, dancing and musical items.

The choir chairman, Mr. F. Skinner, welcomed visitors to the dinner, and a reply was made by the club president, Mr. F. Tassell. Mr. Skinner also spoke of the activities of the choir and mentioned that in its two years since formation, visits had been made to clubs as far away as London.

Artistes at the concert were Mr. Chris Lee (tenor), Mr. Frank Neal (tenor) and Mr. John Higgins (bass). The choir were accompanied by Mr. Ted Jones and conducted by Mr. A. G. Pack.

Harold Tear and his band provided music for games and dancing, and Mr. Skinner was M.C.

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