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Travel Snippets

Rushden Echo & Argus, 22nd October 1954, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mothers Bound For Rhodesia
TWO Rushden mothers have been keeping an anxious eye on the dock strike this week.

Mrs. A. Mead, 82 St. James Close, and Mrs. J. Boddington, 19 Manton Road, are bound for a ten-month holiday with their children in Southern Rhodesia and were alarmed to learn on Monday, that owing to "labour difficulties'' in London, their boat had been cancelled.

But now all is well. They will sail on October 28 as planned—but on a sister-ship, the Durban Castle, from Plymouth instead of London.

At Bari, South Africa, they will be met by their son and daughter. Keith and Audrey Boddington, and from there they will all fly to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Mr. and Mrs. Boddington emigrated from Rushden four years ago, a year after their wedding at St. Mary's Church. Mr. Boddington is in the building industry at Salisbury, and is soon to begin building his own home there.

Mrs. Mead and Mrs. Boddington have both given up their jobs, with John White Footwear and Walter Tarry respectively.

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