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Unidentified Photographs

unknown event  in Duck Street!
Something taking place in Duck Street has drawn a crowd!

An orchestra
Do you know which orchestra this is, please?
Unknown gathering
Unknown gathering by the Church wall - several of the ladies hats are decorated with flowers

Unknown group going on an outing?

un known group of girls
Unknown group of girls

Unknown group of ladies - is this a Pageant?

An unknown parade
An unknown parade, passing West Street and harry Cartwright's Warehouse

This picture may be part of the 1935 celebrations?
Do you know? Tallest lady is Ethel Glenn (nee Shortland)
A carnival float captioned as
"youth group - won first prize"
Do you know whose entry or when please?

A works dinner at the Windmill Hall - but which company please? When?

Harry Steele and dog
We are told this is Harry Steele with the dog jumping through the hoop of fire. Do you know what the event was?
Notice the greenhouses in the old gardens.

Have you heard of the Concord Motor Club?
at a Club dinner
Captioned: Concord Motor Club Dinner
l-r: Ron Faulkner, Bernard Wa...., Cyril Smith, Alan .... Vernon Bailey

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