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Rushden Argus, March 27th, 1903
From the archive of Rowan J. Flack
Former Clinical Nurse Officer, Rushden Hospital, 1966-1990.
Transcribed by Greville Watson, November 2009

Browning - Fisher

Wedding Bells

Interesting Ceremony at Higham Ferrers

Wedding photo of James Browning & Lilian Fisher
The wedding of Captain James Alexander Browning and Miss Lilian Brenda Fisher.
The bridesmaids were Miss Simpson, Miss Browning, Miss Ethel Browning, Miss Kathleen Green,
Miss Norah Simpson and Miss Margaret Ratcliff.
The bridegroom was accompanied by Mr N. St.C. Allfrey.

The spacious and handsome church of Higham Ferrers was on Saturday the scene of a pleasant function which roused considerable interest in the neighbourhood and formed the occasion for numerous fervent good wishes.  About two o’clock the merry ringing of the bells gave token that the time was approaching for the solemnisation of a marriage between members of families widely known and respected in the county.  The bride who was thus summoned to play the principal part in a public ceremony, suggestive of rejoicing, was Miss Lilian Brenda Fisher, only daughter of Captain B. J. Fisher of New York, U.S.A. but better known as a member for many years of the family of Mr W. Hirst Simpson formerly of Chester House and recently of Chelveston.  The bridegroom was Captain James Alexander Browning of the Queen’s Bays and younger son of Mr E. C. Browning of Knuston Hall and 70 Onslow Gardens, S.W.

The bride herself was wearing a gown of white silk net over taffeta silk, with deep shaped flounce.  The bodice was delicately embroidered with silver and crystal, and sown with paillettes of lace and panne inserted.  The full court train was of satin duchesse and she wore an old Brussels lace veil, lent by Mrs Bissell.  Her bouquet was composed entirely of Lilies of the Valley, whilst she also wore a diamond and pearl star, a diamond and pearl crescent brooch, and diamond and pearl bracelet, all being gifts of the bridegroom.  She was attended by six bridesmaids who presented a charming appearance in dresses of white taffeta silk with overgowns of floral chiffon, bodices and skirts trimmed with diamond designs of Valleta lace insertions with inlets of geranium ribbon velvet and transparent chiffon yoke and sleeves.  They wore white velvet hats trimmed with white chiffon and shaded poppies.  Each carried bouquets of scarlet geraniums and foliage and wore pearl and sapphire hearts on gold chains; gifts of the bridegroom.

The young ladies filling this interesting position were: Miss Simpson (cousin of the bride), Miss Browning and Miss Ethel Browning (sisters of the bridegroom), Miss Kathleen Green, Miss Norah Simpson (cousin of the bride), and Miss Margaret Ratcliff.  The last named acted as train bearer, wearing a white satin frock with chiffon fichu and a white Dutch bonnet.

The officiating clergy were the Rev. J. Dunn (Vicar of Higham), the Rev. W. R. Morse (Rector of Rushden), and the Rev. S. Frost (Curate of Higham).  The bride was given away by Mr W. Hirst Simpson.

The bridegroom was accompanied by Mr N. St.C. Allfrey of the Queen’s Bays who discharged the duties of the best man.

The service was fully choral and in addition to Psalm 67 chanted to the tune of ‘Wesley’ the following hymns were sung: ‘The Voice that Breathed O’er Eden’ (350 Hymns A&M), ‘O Father All Creating’ (579), and ‘O Perfect Love’ (578).  Mr A. Wright presided at the organ and in addition to accompanying the songs, played the following selections prior to, during and after the ceremony: ‘Andantino’ by Lemaire, ‘Andante’ by Lefebure-Wely, and Bridal March from Lohengrin (Wagner).

A special train bearing Captain Browning and his friends arrived at Higham just before the ceremony and a large crowd of guests and friends witnessed the marriage in the church, whilst a large number of others assembled outside to greet the happy pair.  The members of the Higham Fire Brigade, in uniform, formed the guard of honour and two or three police constables under Inspector Onan rendered help in marshalling the crowd in the church yard.

Under the direction of Mr G. Ellis of Rushden, the Bede House had been transformed into a cosy and pleasant reception room, chairs and lounges of various kinds with a goodly number of occasional tables being placed on the well carpeted floor.  The walls had been relieved and brightened by art muslins, mirrors and flags whilst a number of ferns and plants furnished by Mr F. Betts added to the attractiveness of the room.

The platform had been transformed into a circular shaped bower with Japanese lanterns suspended beneath the canopy and here the large and handsome collection of presents was displayed.  Carpets had also been laid from the Bede House to the church and along the nave to the chancel.  A further merry peal of bells marked the conclusion of the ceremony.

A reception was held in the Bede House to which a large number of invitations had been issued.  Amongst those who responded, in addition to those already named were the following:

Mr H.N. Smith
Mr & Mrs & the Misses Beauford
Rev. W.R. & Mrs Morse
Rev. J.G. Forrest
Mr & Mrs Keown
Mr & Mrs & Miss Browning (London)
Mr D'Aubigne
Mr Clark Jervoise
Mrs Wood & Dr Guy Wood
Miss Sartoris
Mr & Mrs Pope
Mrs Hughes
Rev. & Mrs Kerr (Irchester)
Dr & Mrs & the Misses Crew
Mrs Bouverie
Major & Mrs Caulfield
Mr & Mrs P. Pratt-Barlow
Colonel & Mrs Browning
Mrs H. Briggs
Mrs Ford
Mr E. Nugent Banks
Mr & Mrs A.E. Villar
Mrs J.M. & Miss Simpson
Mr & Mrs Wetenhall
Mr R. Fernie
Mr E.W. Brooks
Mr George Hopkinson
Mrs Lacy Rogers
Miss Rogers
Mr W.H. Simpson jun.
Mrs J.W. & Miss Orr
Mrs Pierce
Dr & Mrs Harding
Mr & Mrs R. Orlebar
Mr Walter Browning
Colonel & Mrs Fanshaw
Mr & Mrs H. Dulley
Mrs Woodcock
Mr & Miss Grugger
Mrs R.S. & Miss Gladstone
Miss Gregory
Miss Baker
Miss Nottingham
Mr & Miss Ellicombe
Mr & Mrs H. Loynes
Mr & Miss Green
Captain & Miss Browning
Mr & Mrs A. Allen
Mr & Mrs Flack
Mr & Mrs Cyril Battcock
Mr & Mrs G.S. Mason
Major & Mrs Sangster
Rev. F.W.D. & Mrs Daniels
Rev. J. & Mrs & Miss Dunn
Rev. S. & Mrs Frost
Mr & Mrs Campbell Browning
Captain Thompson
Miss Bond
Miss Bennett
Mr & Mrs F.J. Simpson
Miss J.K. Simpson
Mr & Mrs E.C. Browning
Mr C.C. Simpson
Mrs Bissill
Mr & Mrs O. Parker
Mr H. Manfield
Mr Frank Green
Mr H.B. Green
Mr R. Green
Mrs Judkins
Mrs Glover
Mr & Mrs Ratcliff
Captain & Mrs Gall
Mr W. Ryland
D. Adkins
and others

Later in the day Captain and Mrs Browning left for London amidst the heartiest felicitations en route for Paris where the honeymoon is to be spent.

The bride’s travelling costume was of powder blue voile sun ray pleated and skirt edged with flax woven hem, sac coat with large collar trimmed with lace ornamental gold gallon and tassels, and white satin blouse.

The following is a list of presents received:

Bride to bridegroom
Bridegroom to bride
Bride's father to bride
Bride's father to bridegroom
Bridegroom's father
Bridegroom's mother
Mr & Mrs H.B. Browning
Captain H. Browning
Mrs Osleay
Mr & Mrs R.C. Browning
Mr & Mrs Simpson
Mrs Bissill
Mr & Mrs F.J. Simpson
Miss Browning
Miss Rosa Browning
Miss Ethel Browning
Mrs B. Simpson
Colonel & Mrs M. Browning
Mr & Mrs J.M. Simpson
Mr & Mrs Millington
Mr & Mrs W. Banford
Mr & Mrs C. Pratt-Barlow
Captain & Ms Umfreville
Mrs George
Mr & Mrs H.G. Browning
Mr & Mrs W. H. Browning
Rev. T. Richards
Mr Clark Jervoise
Mrs Adcock
Major & Mrs Caulfield
Miss George
Mr & Mrs Lodder
Mr & Mrs H.C. Browning, and Mr & Mrs J. Arkwright
Mr & Mrs F. Pratt-Barlow
Mrs Wetenhall
Mrs Pierce
Colonel & Mrs Alexander
Mrs E. Wood
Miss Adler
Mr Arthur Barber
Mr & Mrs W. Adler
Miss Hasker
Mrs Gregory
Mr G. Hopkinson
Miss B. Rogers
Miss Bennett
Miss Kempson
Maids and Fields
Mr Hill
Mr & Mrs Harding
Mrs Judkins
Mr & Mrs Dalton
Mr Barber
Mr & Mrs W.H. Simpson (jun)
The Misses Crew
Captain & Mrs Wad
Mr Wetenhall
Miss Sartoris
Mr C.C. Simpson
Miss J.K. Simpson
Rev. S. & Mrs Frost
Rev. F. & Mrs Daniels
Miss Tass
Mrs Rogers
Miss Nottingham
Major & Mrs Mullins
Mr Bissill
Mr Ellicombe
Sir John & Lady Purcell
Mr & Mrs De Saliss
Mr & Mrs J. Campbell
Mrs J. Wood
General Seymour
Mr & Mrs Longman
Colonel & Mrs Fanshaw
Mr W. Lee
Mr E. Arkwright
Mr G. Marrable
Major & Mrs Sangster
Dr & Mrs Forde
Mr Manfield
Members of Chelveston Mothers Meeting
Mrs Green & Mr R. Green
Major & Mrs Bryon
Mr & Mrs Ratcliff
Rev. J. & Mrs Dunn
Miss Bond
Mrs Pritchard & Miss Dunn
Mr & Mrs Mason
Mr & Mrs Newcombe
Mr Smith
Mrs Williamson
The Misses Bouverie
Mr & Mrs Allen
Mr & Mrs Dulley
Miss Baker
Mrs Woodcock
The Misses Sandeman
Mr Ryland Adkins
Mrs Hamilton
Mr & Mrs Jarvis
The Misses Hughes
Mrs Burns
Miss Grainger
Mr & Mrs Loynes
Mr & Mrs Sharman
Miss Wood
Mr & Mrs Moneypenny
Major & Mrs Harold Sykes
Mrs Hartop-Burns
Mr & Mrs Villar
Mr & Mrs Owen Parker
Mrs J. Orr
Miss Margaret Ratcliff
Mr & Mrs Wotherspoon
Dr & Mrs Platt
Rev. & Mrs Kerr
Mr & Mrs Grugger
Mr Courtney Linsey
Mrs Glover
Mr Nugent Banks (Queen's Bays)
Mr & Mrs H.H. Green
Mrs Briggs
Mrs Cayley, Mrs Bulley & Miss Ford
Mrs Rough
Mr Frank Green
Servants at Knuston:
Cook & Head housemaid
Butler & wife
Coachman & wife
Maid & under housemaid
Lucy (late maid)
Late 1st servant
Fitted suitcase
Diamond and pearl star pendant
Cheque, diamond studded watch, carbuncle links
Pearl links
Chest of table silver and cutlery
Silver tea & coffee set on silver tray and silver mounted breakfast tray
Silver sugar basin and sifter
Silver salt cellars
Silver tea caddy
Silver entrée dishes
Silver butter dishes
Brussels lace fan and silver revolving dish
Silver café au lait set on hammered silver tray
Racoon carriage rug
Silver sweet dish
Silver mounted bread board and knife
Silver entrée dishes and silver salver
Silver lamp
Case of dessert knives and forks
Silver flask
Silver fish knives and forks
Silver cream jug
Manicure set
Gilt brackets
Silver sugar basin
Travelling clock
Antique silver spoon and silver mounted stick
Writing basket
Silver mustard pot
Silver mounted scent bottle
Rose bowl
Silver clock
Table cloth
Table centre
Silver cigarette holder
Silver mounted flower vases
Telegraph case
Silver egg boiler
Silver mounted decanter
Silver mounted claret jug
Silver mounted stick
Silver sealing wax set
Silver butter dish and knife
Photograph case
Sugar spoon
Photograph frame
Tortoiseshell and silver tea caddy
Silver mounted powder jar
Mustard pot
Case of silver teaspoons
Real lace handkerchief
Photograph frame
Silver mounted butter dish
Stamp damper
Calendar, silver mounted
Silver and glass cream jug and sugar basin
Jam dish
Stamp box
Turquoise and gold buckle
Silver butter dish and knife
Silver mounted oil and vinegar cruet
Silver salver
Silver soup tureen
Old Russian snuff box
Pocket book
Indian silver cream jug
Silver napkin rings
Silver tea knives
Silver photograph frame
Silver letter clip
Copper breakfast dishes
Copper hot water jug
Silver cigar lighter
Silver book marker
Copper fern pots
Spirit decanter
Pepper, salt and mustard pots
Silver cake knife and sugar tongs
Silver toast rack
Silver tea knives
Silver brush
Pair of silver butter knives
Silver and glass butter knives
Worcester bowl
Real lace handkerchief
Silver clasp
Table centre
Scent bottle
Nightdress case
Table cloth
Enamelled egg spoons
Antique pepper pot
Silver photograph frame
Silver tray
Embroidered frame
Silver pen holder
Spanish bells
Cayenne pepper pot
Dickens' works
Salt cellars
Silver fish carvers
Salad bowl and silver servers
Silver pen holder
Cheese, biscuit and butter dish
Double photograph frame
Antique silver spoon
Silver shoe horn
Brass candlesticks
Silver eau de cologne case
Scent bottle
Mustard pot
Tortoiseshell and silver hairbrush
Double reading lamps
Silver bowl
Table cloth, Irish work
Silver mounted jam jar
Pearl brooch
Pair of silver mounted decanters
Travelling clock
Silver & cut glass biscuit box
Silver mounted vases
Copper coal scuttle
Silver pipe lighter
Pair of silver dessert spoons

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