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Rushden Echo May 15th 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Miss Gladys Cox's 21st Birthday
Coming-of-Age at Rushden

Last night, in the St. Peter’s Rooms, Rushden, a company of about 100 friends and relatives assembled to celebrate the coming-of-age of Miss Gladys Cox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Cox, of Fairlawn, Rushden.

A capital programme was given, including the following items:- Song, I want to go on a honeymoon, Miss Eva Payne; violin solo, Miss M. Cattell (Kettering); song, When we go home, Miss G. Rice; cornet solo, Mr. Roberts; song, Mr. Coleman; song, Who’s your lady friend? Miss Payne.

Dancing took place between the items, Mr. R. Clayton acting as M.C. and pianist. A whist drive resulted:- Ladies, 1 Miss Walker, 2 Mrs. F. Freer; gentlemen, 1 Mr. F. Checksfield, 2 Mr. T. Willmott.

Refreshments were provided, and at the close a hearty cote of thanks on the proposition of Mr E Rice, seconded by Mr J Hyde, was accorded the host and hostess Mr Cox suitably replied on behalf of his daughter, Mrs Cox, and himself Amongst the many beautiful presents were the following:- Mr A Cox (father) cheque; Mrs Cox (mother), silver hair brush; Doris and Dulcie, silver dressing comb; Mimi Cox, silver trinket box; Master B Cox, silver hair pin box; Mr E Cox, silver wristlet watch; Mr Percy Cox and Miss L Palmer, ivory manicure set; Miss M Firman, silver perfume pump; Misses Lily and May Brace, silver three tier fruit dish; Mr W H Moody, silver reading lamp; Mr and Mrs Leeding, leather jewl box; Mr and Mrs Walker, a pair of silver fancy specimen vases; Mr and Mrs Hyde and Family, silver jam dish and spoon; Mr and Mrs Patenall and Family, silver candlesticks and candlers, and silver mounted scent bottle; Mr and Mrs Lovell, hand embroidered night dress case; Misses R Lovell and M Cattell, silver chocolate dish and spade; Misses E Wright and D Fuller, silver mounted clock; Misses E and M Rice, silver button hook and shoe horn; Misses G and M Walker, pair silver salts and spoons; Miss Eva Payne, gold card marker; Mr S Palmer, attache case; Miss Nellie Pearson, rose bowl; Miss F Alderman, pair silver fancy specimen vases; Miss Bates and Mr R Brown, pair fancy flower vases; Mr Jack Lovell, gold brooch; Mr A Sanders, scent casket and linen embroidered handkerchief; Mr S Ashby, case Irish linen embroidered handkerchiefs; Mr R Brown, pair silver specimen vases; Misses T Checksfield and R Lewis, cut glass silver-mounted scent bottle; Miss N Checksfield, doe skin gloves; Mrs H Checksfield, ribbon and lace camisole; Mr and Mrs T Wilmott, silver marmalade jar and spoon; Mr and Mrs Brace, silver cake knife; Mr F Checksfield and Miss Head, silver flower stand; Mr C Checksfield and Miss Lewis, pair silver flower vases; Misses D and B Wilmott and Miss Holiday, silver button hook and shoe horn; Miss M Tall, pair silver hat pins; Messrs B Nicholls, E Hustwaite, B Bailey, and A Pearson, gold pendant and chain; Mr S Coleman and Mr M Roberts, oak timepiece; Messrs J Curtis, Stan, Harry and Tom, dressing case; Mr and Mrs Tomlin, pair silver specimen vases; Mr and Mrs J Freer, cut glass silver mounted scent bottle; Miss W Wilmott and Mr G Miller, brass inkstand; Miss N Cobley and Mr D Osborn, pair silver flower vases; Mr W Beetenson, silver butter dish and knife; Mr and Mrs Green and Bertie, silver mounted marmalade jar; Miss H Jackson and Mr Bamford, silver flower stand; Mr and Mrs Rice and Gladys, china rose bowl; Mr S Mountain, silver dressing comb; Mr B Bagshaw (Kettering), dressing case; Mr and Mrs Palmer, china tea pot, sugar basin and cream jug; Miss G Palmer, ruby wine decanter.

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