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Newspaper clip - probably Evening Telegraph, Easter1940
Charles Ette - Baker


Mr. and Mrs. C. Ette

1899 Advert
1899 Advert from The Rushden Echo
Baking was a hard trade in the days when Mr Charles Ette served his apprenticeship. It went on all the week— there were no half-days off—and merely varied from loaves to puddings on Sundays.

By his hard work, however, Mr. Ette was able to earn a fairly early retirement, and to-day (Wednesday) in excellent health, he and his wife are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. They reside at 94, Higham-road, Rushden, but their wedding was at St. Peter's, Irthlingborough—they remember the day as Maundy Thursday.

Mr. Ette was born at Great Doddington and became apprenticed to the village baker. Later, at Irthlingborough, he managed the late Mr. Caleb Parsons's bakery business.

Machinery Baking Pioneer    

Ebenezer Terrace where Charles worked as a baker in 1890
Ebenezer Terrace
After his marriage he moved immediately to Rushden, having purchased a business in Ebenezer-terrace, Newton-road, from Mr. Robert Dickens. After ten years in these premises he built, higher in Newton-road, what was then the finest bakehouse in the town, becoming the first baker in Rushden to make bread by machinery. 

Retiring at the end of the Great War, Mr. Ette had then conducted business in Rushden for 30 years.

During that time he was a sidesman of St. Mary's Church, but he now recalls that the busy life he led allowed little time for social or sporting pursuits.

His wife, a native of Irthlingborough, was equally interested in the work of St. Mary's Church, and served for many years on the committee of the B.W.T.A.U.

Former Walgrave Public Worker

After the business retirement the couple moved to Walgrave, where new interests offered themselves to Mr. Ette who served the village as overseer and for nine years as parish councillor. He became, also, a charity trustee, treasurer of the parish church, and trustee of the social club. Six years ago Mr. and Mrs. Ette returned to Rushden.

The husband is 73, the wife 72. Their four children are Mrs. Clement (Harrow), Mrs. C. H. Clark (Rushden), Mr. Charles W. Ette (Harrow), and Mrs. Percival (Enfield).

Mr. Ette has his own genial way of reviewing the old times, and his chief satisfaction is that he maintained a homely, personal touch in his trading. He likes to remember that in those days the children flocked round the baker to see if he had sweets in his pockets. The full family celebration of the anniversary is deferred until Saturday.

Kathleen Ette - one of the first women to ride a motor cycle
Kathleen Ette in 1914

1901 Census Charles Ette aged 34, Ada aged 33, Margaret aged 9, Kathleen aged 8, Charles aged 4 and Lilian aged 1.

1891 Census Charles & Ada were at no. 8 Ebenezer Terrace.

Charles & Ada would have married in 1890.

Before he emigrated to Australia, James Murdin worked 4 years for Charles Ette.

Margaret Ette was a teacher at Newton Road Infant School. She married Alfred Clement, of Leith, Scotland, in May 1917.

Charles Ette junior served in WWI in the Royal Flying Corps.

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