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Article by Jacky Lawrence 2009
Funeral Expenses - 1962

Fanny Shortland

A photograph of Fanny Shortland thought to have been taken at her engagement.
A Young Fanny Shortland
A bill for the funeral expenses of Fanny Shortland, 1962.
Bill for funeral
On the left is a bill for the funeral of Fanny Shortland, aged 84, which shows how different the cost of a funeral was in 1962. For just £42 it covered:-

'To making a stout wax-polished coffin with mouldings fitted to sides & top.

Three pairs of nickelled casket handles with breastplate mounted & inscribed. Inside furnishings, frillings & robe complete.

Opening of grave. Ministers & Sextons fees. Obituary notice in local press. Hearse & 2 cars at funeral. Attendance at funeral with bearers.

Under personal supervision throughout.'

Fanny Shortland (nee Wheeler) was my maternal grandmother, I remember her well and with great affection. She knew lots of old music hall songs such as 'I'll let you play in my yard, if you let me come and play in yours' which she would sing with great gusto. She also loved playing cards and once took me to a whist drive at the 'Darby & Joan' Club where we won 1st prize, a small box of chocolates. I had never been to a whist drive before, although I knew how to play, and was only about 9 or 10 years old. I think our winning was down to her playing or maybe just good luck, I can't think I had anything to do with it. She was always fun to be with although my father, who was rather old-fashioned, thought she could irresponsible! Perhaps as a child it was the slightly zany side of her that I loved as most of the adults I knew were rather sensible and well behaved.
My grandmother as an old lady.
Fanny as I remember her

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