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Via email from Australia, presented by Greville Watson, March 2011
Margaret Goodwin (nee Bugby)
Memories of Miss Bull's Class, Alfred Street Junior School, 1951-52

I remember the lad in the centre of the back row - Michael Neville, from Pemberton Street. One frosty morning I arrived late for school to find his mum lying at the bottom of the Infants school steps. She'd slipped and broken her arm and as school had gone in, I was the only person to report the mishap to Miss Foxworthy. (I think this was the only morning I was ever late for school, or perhaps it's the only one I remember). When I returned to Rushden in 1996 to finalise my mum's estate, I met Michael who was then working as a real estate agent.

I have attached photos of Richard Bailey (back row, second from the left) and me - one of a younger Richard and me in the back alley behind Richard's house; one in Midland Road (prams seem popular! We must have liked playing mothers and fathers!!); and a couple taken in my back yard in Midland Road, near the big 'hut' that apparently tailors used before the house was bought by Mum and Dad in 1935.

Margaret Bugby & Richard Bailey with pram Margaret Bugby & Richard Bailey in Midland Road
Margaret with Richard Bailey. Prams seem popular!
Margaret Bugby with Richard Bailey Margaret Bugby with Richard Bailey
Margaret and Richard in the back yard near the big 'hut'

I think Peter Dunkley (back row, fifth from the right) may have lived at the top of Midland Road. I used to see him and Richard Bradshaw (centre of front row) walking down Midland Road to school. I think Peter's father may have been a painter and decorator.

I also remember Janice Lawton, whose family ran the little store at the bottom of Carnegie Street at the end of the 'jitty' to Station Road. If we didn't pop into Desborough's we'd often call in to Lawton's on our way back to 'Alfo' after lunch to spend our daily tuppence or threepence on bubblegum, a packet of kaili, aniseed balls, or a chocolate Gonger that came wrapped in pink and brown spotted paper. Janice had an older brother Roly - I presume short for Roland - who I think joined the Army.

Many of the people I remember were associated with St. Peter's, either through Sunday School or the Brownies/Girl Guides and the Cubs/Boy Scouts that we met on what seemed to be regular "Church Parades" - probably once a month.

I've also attached photos of the lovely May Queen attendants at celebrations held on St. Peter's vicarage lawns.  They look about the same time as the class photo. I think June/Julie's surname might have been Garley, but I can't remember the name of the May Queen. I last saw Pat Hughes around 1962 when she was training to be a nurse in Northampton. Her sister, Joy, was at Whitelands College with me in 1963-66.

May Queen attendants, c.1952/3
May Queen attendants, St Peter's vicarage lawn, c. 1952/3
Back row, L-R: Dianne Frost, Margaret Bugby, Andrea Cutmore, Kathleen Ingram,
June or Julie Garley(?)
Front: Joy Hughes, Pat Hughes and little sister Lindsey Hughes.
(Rev E T Hughes was vicar at the time)

May Queen attendants c.1952/3

May Queen with her attendants c.1952/3

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