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From an interview with Richard Green in 2007 by Rae Drage. Transcribed by Jacky Lawrence
Granny Green's Ice Cream Parlour

A little story I'd like to tell you about when I was a teenager. My old Gran in Washbrook Road, she used to have an ice cream parlour, probably a lot of people would remember it as teenagers and we used to spend very hot sweaty weekends and nights in Spencer Park. Coming out through the gate we'd always call in Granny Green's Ice Cream Parlour and we used to have a nice tall glass of lemonade with a dollop of vanilla ice cream plopped in the top and a straw. And most people used to sit out on the wall, she never used to mind that, unlike some shopkeepers would tell you to clear, to move out the way. And me dad used to help in the shop, making the ice cream in the back barn, at the back, and she was a nice old gal but a bit tight 'cos she never had to give me a free ice cream despite being her grandson and ne'er mind, not to worry about that.

But me Gramp used to have a special three wheeled little cart and he used to peddle all round the streets in the Washbrook area, Irchester Road area selling ice cream out of tubs. And I suppose anybody that's old enough to remember that could remember going out with a bowl or a jug and asking for a shilling's worth of ice cream and my gosh, for a shilling you used to have quite a lot of ice cream. And fairly interesting that was, my old Gran, sadly she's long gone now and we miss that sort of thing as teenager, you know, it's something I shall never forget.

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