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Rushden Echo, 16th June 1905, transcribed by Kay Collins
Lack – Clayton
Wedding At Rushden

A good deal of interest centred in a wedding which took place at the Park-road Baptist Church, Rushden, on Saturday. The contracting parties were Miss Emily Clayton and Mr Herbert Lack, bo0th of whom have been active members of the Baptist Church. The bride, who is the fourth daughter of Mr William Clayton, of Harborough-road, has been a teacher in the Sunday school and an active worker in the Christian Endeavour Society. The bridegroom is the third son of Mr J J Lack, High-street, and has been Sunday school secretary for ten years, and superintendent for four years. He is also secretary to the Rushden, Thrapston, and District Sunday School Union.

There was a very large gathering of friends at the Church. The Rev. W F Harris conducted the ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her father, was tastefully costumed in a dark brown travelling dress, trimmed with white cloth, and wore a white silk blouse, with brown hat trimmed with ostrich feather and chiffon. She carried a handsome shower bouquet, and had five bridesmaids, Misses Lizzie and Emma Lack (sisters of the bridegroom), Dorothy Lack (niece of the bridegroom), Doris Spriggs, and Katie Underwood (nieces of the bride). The two elder bridesmaids wore white cambric dresses, trimmed with Valenciennes lace and insertion, with brown hat, and carried handsome bouquets (the gifts of the bridegroom). The younger ones wore white silk dresses, with hats to match. Mr Benjamin Lack, of Barking, Essex (brother of the bridegroom), was best man. After the ceremony a reception of relatives and friends was held in the Assembly Room, and later in the day Mr and Mrs Herbert Lack left for Eastbourne, for the honeymoon. The carriages were supplied by Mr Asher Abbott.

A large number of handsome and useful presents were received, including the following:-

Father and mother of bride

Bedstead, feather bed, and house linen

Father and mother of bridegroom

14-day clock and music stool

Miss Annie Hillson (Coventry)

Silk-worked table centre

Mr W B Sanders

Pair of handsewn glace boots

Mrs W B Sanders

Pair of blankets

Mr H J Jacobs

Shakespeare’s works

Mr W Boulton Smith

Brass photo cabinet

Mr W B Sanders jun.

Bronze photo frame

Miss Eady


Mr J A Beale (N’pton)

Cut glass silver mounted honey pot and spoon

Mr R W Nunley

Table cloth

Mr and Mrs W J Lack

Flower stand

Wilfred and Hilda Lack

Fern and pots

Mrs and Miss Fisher

Morning tea set

Miss Sanders (Moorland House)


Mrs Susan Litchfield

Open worked tray cloth

Mr and Mrs Wm Radburne

Silver cruet

Mr John W Radburne

Pair of specimen glasses

Mr and Mrs Edgar Harris

Silver-mounted oak tray

Mr Ben Lack

Brass kerb

Miss Emma Lack

Half-dozen tumblers

Mr and Mrs Fred White

Silver-mounted marmalade jar

Mr and Mrs Frank Ballard

Miniature time-piece

Mr and Mrs Frank Bellamy

Pair of fruit dishes

Miss Emma Bateman

Fruit dish

Mr Alfred Clayton


Mr and Mrs George Cook (Cambridge)

Framed view

Mr and Mrs Alfred Sargent

Upholstered wicker chair

Mr and Mrs A Gramshaw


Mr and Mrs A Spriggs

Wicker chair

Mrs W Kitchener


Mr and Mrs John Sargent

Dozen knives and carvers

Miss Kate Sanders (Brighton)

Silver sugar tongs

Mrs Fred Cave

Gold monogram links

Miss Lizzie Lack

Case of carvers

Mr R Ernest Bayes

Book “The art of noble living”

Mrs T Sanders

Dinner service

Mr and Mrs Joseph Mackness

Silver jam spoon

Mr and Mrs John Willmott

Breakfast service and hot water jug

Miss Alice Bailey

Silver sugar sifter and jam spoon

Mr and Mrs James Clarke

Copper kettle

Miss Carrie Clarke and Mr Lewis Allen

Dessert dishes

Mr and Mrs Percy Collins

Stafford china tea service

Mr and Mrs E Nichols

Silver jam spoon

Miss Nellie Hollowell (N’pton)

D’oyley, tray cloth and mat

Miss Olive Timms

Set of trinket mats

Miss Laura Soutar

Half-dozen china egg cups

Mrs Soutar

Toast rack

Master William and the Misses Amy, Emma, and Mabel Cunliffe

China silver-mounted jam dish

Mr and Mrs E W Lack

Copper coal vase

Miss Violet Colson

Oak waiter

Mrs R W Nunley

Stand cover

Miss Fuller (London)

Serviette rings and specimen glasses

Miss Mary Linnett and Mr George Foster

Hand-painted vases

Mr and Mrs Arthur Taylor

Pair sheepskin rugs

Mrs W F Harris

Hand-worked sideboard cloth

Miss Edith Payne

Tray cloth

Mr and Mrs Fred Cowley

Silk cushion

Mr and Mrs T T Clarke

Oriental plates (antique)

Miss Bayes

Match holder and tray cloth

Misses Hooper

Wool mats

Mrs J Billingham

Frilled pillow cases

Mr J Billingham

Half-dozen teaspoons

Mrs M Bates

Glass water jug

A Friend

Flower stand

Miss Rose Rice


Mr and Mrs A Shrot

Half-dozen tumblers

Mr and Mrs Albert Underwood


Katie Underwood

Bread board and knife

Miss Mabel Hartwell


Miss Cauldwell

Biscuit barrel

Miss Chettle

Pillow lace

Mr and Mrs W Chapman

Pillow lace handkerchief

Dorothy and Lucy Lack

Cream jug and sugar basin

Mr and Mrs F Bayes

Set of jugs

Mr Frank Robinson

Pair hand-painted vases

Miss Florrie Sharman

Set of vases

Miss Lottie Sears

Fruit dish

Miss Gertie Barringer (Luton)

Hand-worked cuchion cover

Mr and Mrs S Warren

Silver mounted jam jar and spoon

Mrs Mitchell (Harrow)

Silver sugar tongs and jam spoon

Mr and Mrs Fred Collins

Lace antimacassars

Mr Geo Norman

Brass coal tongs

Willie and Louis Spriggs

Breakfast cruet

Mr and Mrs J E Clarke, Lottie, Harry, Edgar, Evelyn and Arthur Clarke

Cooking untensils

Miss Bush

Plate basket

Mr and Mrs C G Jowitt

Copper photo frame

Mrs Coleman

Pillow lace

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