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Len & Stella Myers
Edith Mole (nee Ingram)

39 Midland Road

Edith in the doorway of 39 Midland Road
Edith Ingram from Earls Barton met her future husband, George Mole, from Carlton, when he lodged with her sister in Wellingborough Road, just a few doors away from her new family home. They married and bought 39 Midland Road soon after it was built and their youngest son still lives in the house today. She bore fourteen children, six of whom survived. The age difference between the oldest and youngest was such that when the former left the army after the First World War his mother was expecting his youngest brother.

In the late 1920s Edith Mole made and sold clothes. Her husband ‘travelled’ in ladies’ stockings and lingerie for a short time, probably during the depression, so she would have sold these too.

The youngest son, in turn, fought in the Second World War and was reported missing. It was only a broadcast by ‘Lord Haw Haw’ that informed his family that he was still alive and a prisoner of war in Germany. Unfortunately the strain of their separation took its toll on his father, who did not survive to see him again on his release.

Edith Mole died in 1955 at the age of 79.

Left - Edith in the doorway - her shop in the front room of her home

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