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Rushden Argus, 27th December 1898, Notes of the Week
Mr H Warren

Our repsected townsman, Mr. H. Warren, who is about to leave Rushden, has received two pleasing tokens of the esteem in which he is held by those with whom he has been connected during the period he has been at Rushden. For 18 years he has been in the service of Messrs B. Denton and Sons, and during that time he has won the esteem of employer and employed. To use his own words "he has always tried to do justice between master and man", and that his efforts have been appreciated was fully proved by the splendid presentation he received from the members of the Benefit Club in connection with the firm, of which Mr. Warren was the treasurer. The second gift consisted of an excellent portrait of himself, presented to him by the Christian Band connected with the Independent Wesleyan Chapel.

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