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Rushden Echo & Argus, 25th June 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. Fred Attley
Mr. A's Picture Comes To Life

During the war, when Mr. Fred Attley entertained Rushden sailors in his Australian home, he used to pass the time gazing at hand-drawn maps and learning about the changes that had taken place in his home town during the last thirty-six years.

Now on a visit for about five months to his mother, Mrs. Emma Attley, of Pemberton Street, Rushden, he is finding that the town fits the picture that he had in his mind. 'Rushden' he told a reporter, "is one of the nicest and cleanest little towns I have ever seen. A visitor gets a very nice impression. That is because of the foliage there is around; trees planted every-where.

"I have always said that I don't think there is any country in the world like England. I went to Ringstead yesterday. Gee! it was nice to go around the old places.

"I have had quite a few people approach me about going to Australia, but I would not advise anyone to go at the moment because of the housing situation. They would have to get a house before they left here."

Mr. Attley said that everyone seemed so happy and comfortable in England. Meat was the only shortage he had noticed himself.

In Australia, Mr. Attley has several friends who hail from this district, among them Mr. George Burford, Mr. Arthur Burford, Mr. Arthur Brown, senior, and Mr. Arthur Brown junior, Mr. Fred Jackson and Mrs. Jackson (nee Miss Rose Burford), Mr. Jack Jackson and Mrs. Jackson (nee Miss Louie Adams), Mr. Bert Desborough and Mr. Ernest Desborough, and Mr. Arthur Bates, who formerly lived at Raunds.

Boot Manager

Mr. Attley, who is aged 62, was formerly a member of Rushden Windmill Club football team at the time when he worked for Messrs Jaques and Clark.

He has been working in the boot trade ever since, and now, as factory manager for a well-known Australian firm, often comes into contact with the Australian cricket team and the British Rugby footballers who visit his country.

His firm specialises in "Bradman" cricket boots and "Dalley" football boots.

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