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Researched by Kay Collins, 1988-2010
Joseph Bailey and Family

Joseph Bailey was born at Bletsoe BDF in 1779. In 1798 he married Mary Smith of Thurleigh, at Bletsoe Church. Their first son, John, died shortly after birth in August 1799. Their second son Joseph was baptised aged one day at Bletsoe on the 18th February 1803.

The family moved to Rushden, and in July 1807 Mary gave birth to a third son, John and he was baptised along with his brother Joseph, at Rushden on 20th September. A fourth son, Robert was born in 1811 and a ffth, James the following year. On 14th February 1815 Mary was buried at Rushden, leaving Joseph with four young sons.

At Rushden in April 1815 Hannah Knight (born 1786) after giving birth to a “female bastard, reputed of James Ward” was claiming relief from the parish overseers [see NRO Ref: 285P/14]. There is a baptism record on 17th July 1843 for “Hannah Bailey Knight, married woman, daughter of William and Elizabeth.

A year later Hannah Knight married Joseph Bailey, widower, and together they had a son William, and three daughters, Martha, Jane and Elizabeth. Joseph (Bayley) was buried in January 1851 aged 80.

Robert Bailey (b 1811), son of Joseph and his first wife Mary, married Eleanor Rowland in 1831.

Eleanor had been born at Riseley BDF on 22nd February 1814, baptised there on the 5th October 1828. Her parents were Jacob Rowland, a tailor, and Frances (nee Turland), who had married at Rushden on 22nd February 1813. Nothing more is known of Jacob, but in May 1820 at Rushden Frances claimed relief for them. Fanny wife of Jacob Rowland “who hath left and deserted her and her two children Eleanor aged 6 and Elizabeth aged 2¾.” [NRO Ref: 285P/79] Rushden was making a claim on Riseley parish for her to be removed or provided for. Frances was buried at Riseley in June 1829 when she died of “dropsy” there.

Robert Bailey and Eleanor had 5 sons and 3 daughters. James the first born died in 1839 aged 5, and William the second born died in 1856 aged 18. Third born, another James, went on to be a general dealer in Little Street, and later a beer retailer. The first girl, Fanny, died aged 13 the day after her brother William. Mary (baptised Mercy?) was born in 1847 and married Charles Denton in 1865, Thomas born in 1851 became a groom, and married in 1876, and Joseph was born in 1853.

Robert died in 1879 aged 70, and Eleanor died in 1893 aged 79, at the workhouse.

Joseph Bailey followed the shoe trade, and in 1874 married Evangeline (Eva) Warren, daughter of William Warren, carrier of Rushden. They had 9 children. Of these, four are researched briefly.

John Bailey was born 1878, and married Maud Thompson on 26th December 1899, and he died on 7th January 1928.

Kate Bailey was born in 1880, and married Fred Collins at the Baptist Church on 27th August 1902. They had two sons, Eric and Leslie Frederick.

Fanny Bailey was born in 1884 and married Herbert Cox. Their daughter “Madge” married in 1931. Herbert Ernest Bates married Marjorie Helen Cox (Madge), daughter of Herbert Henry Cox (a currier from Higham Ferrers who had died five years earlier), and Frances (nee Bailey).

Arthur Sidney Bailey joined the Northamptonshire Regiment in WWI and sadly was killed in action in November 1918. He had gained the rank of Lance Corporal and was posthumously awarded the Miltary Medal.

Joseph and Eva both died in 1922, and they are buried in Rushden Cemetery graves E777/8. [no stone or inscription]

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