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The Rushden Echo, 17th March 1899, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Battersby – Evans

A large concourse of people assembled at the Rushden parish church on Wednesday to witness the marriage of Mr. George William Battersby, eldest son of Mr. Battersby, of Hazel House, Bassingham, Lincoln, to Miss Annie Evans, daughter of Mr. George Evans, proprietor of the Wheatsheaf, Hotel, Rushden. The contracting parties are exceedingly well-known and respected in Rushden, the bride’s father occupying a prominent position in the town, whilst the bridegroom, who is a partner in the well-known grocery business of Palmer and Battersby, High-street and Queen-street, has won for himself the esteem of a large circle of friends. He occupies the position of secretary of the choir at the Park-road Wesleyan church.

The bride, who was given away by her eldest brother, Mr. W. B. Evans, was attired in white Bengaline silk, trimmed with laces, chiffon, and pearl ornaments, and carried a shower bouquet of lilies and orange blossoms, the gift of the bridegroom. She was attended by seven bridesmaids, viz., Miss Kate Evans (sister) and Miss Alice Kilsby (cousin), who were attired in dresses of grey trimmed with accordion pleated silk and sashes, with large black velvet Gainesboro’ hats, and wore gold pendants, and carried shower bouquets of pink and white roses, the gift of the bridegroom; Miss Lily Evans, Miss Rennie Evans, and Miss Gladys Walker (nieces of the bride), Miss Florence Battersby and Miss Dora Battersby (sisters of the bridegroom) who wore dresses of pink and white silk alpaca with large white picture hats to match; their ornaments were lockets and they carried baskets of pink roses and white lilies, the gift of the bridegroom.

The service was choral. Councillor Palmer, of Higham Ferrers (the bridegroom’s partner), was the best man. The Rev. H. K. Fry officiated. At the conclusion of the ceremony the organist (Mr. J. E. Smith) played Mendelssohn’s Wedding March in spirited style.

Subsequently a reception was held at the residence of the bride’s parents and was attended by a large number of relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Battersby, amid the hearty congratulations of their friends, left by the 3.57 train from Irchester for Eastbourne where the honeymoon is to be spent. The bride’s travelling dress was a grey tailor-made costume, with hat to match.

The Presents

The following is a list of the presents:-

Bride’s father, cheque.

Bride’s mother, bedroom furniture.

Bridegroom’s father, cheque.

Bridegroom’s mother, family Bible.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Evans, Wellingborough, curb.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Evans, Wollaston, silver cruet.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker, Irchester, silver teapot.

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Margetts, Northampton, dinner service.

Miss Kate Evans, tea service.

Miss Alice Kilsby, silver suger basin,

Miss Eunice Kilsby, silver cream jug.

Mr. and Mrs. Lines, Higham Ferrers, fire dogs.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Kilsby, Higham Ferrers, fire irons.

Miss Lily Evans, Wollaston, silver serviette rings.

Masters George and Dennis Evans, Wellingborough, antimacassar.

Miss Rennie Evans, Wellingborough, antimacassar.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, silver gravy spoon.

Miss Bessie Hobbs, oil painting.

Mrs. Cox, Higham Ferrers, silver tea spoons and sugar tongs.

Mrs. Pettitt, Higham Ferrers, ornaments.

Mr. and Mrs. Hasnip, Higham Ferrers, biscuit barrel.

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Higham Ferrers, hall stand,

Mr. H. Chester, Rushden, case of silver muffineers.

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, Raunds, cheese dish.

Miss Allen, Leicester, paintings.

Miss Farden, Wellingborough, cucumber dish.

Mr. and Mrs. Tinker, silver jam spoon.

Miss Bloss Litchfield, pictures.

Mrs. Clements, Doyleys.

Mr. Mulrenan and Miss Margetts, coal vase.

Mrs. T. Edwards, fancy pin cushion.

Mrs. T. Margetts, irons.

Mr. Horne, cheese dish.

Miss Meadows, Wellingborough, table centre.

Miss Bertha Brightwell, Wellingborough, antimacassar.

Mr. Turner, Bedford, hot water jug.

Miss Martin, Northampton, silver toast rack.

Mrs. Blundell and Mrs. Robinson, biscuit band.

Mrs. Sandford, old china.

Miss Gladys Walker, Irchester, table centre.

Mr. and Mrs. Ginns, fruit dish.

Miss Kate Warner, butter knife.

Mr. Percy Battersby, Sheffield, table cutlery.

Miss Dora Battersby, Bassingham, painted photo frames.

Mr. J. Pass, Barnby, cheque.

Miss W. Battersby, Bassingham, picture.

Miss H. Battersby, Norton Disne, mahogany tray.

Mr. and Mrs. Enderby, Bassingham, silver suger spoons.

Mr. and Mrs. Morhead, Bassingham, bread fork.

Miss A. Holmes, Bassingham, pickle fork and handkerchief satchet.

Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner, Wakefield, bread folk and jam spoon.

Miss Lily Faulkner, Wakefield, butter knife.

Miss Jos. Holmes, Bassingham, cushion.

Mr. F. DeBow, sardine dish.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Warren, set of jugs.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Knight, brush and comb.

Mrs. Farrow, breakfast cruet.

Mrs. Taylor, dust pan.

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