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Rushden Echo Friday 27th October 1916 transcribed by Susan Manton
Miss Annie Bettles
Coming-of-age at Rushden - Happy Gathering
To celebrate the coming-of age of their daughter Annie, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bettles entertained a large company of guests in the Newton Road Schools, Rushden, on Saturday last. The British Women’s Hall had been engaged, but was requisitioned for the accommodation of the soldiers.

Tea was served at 5pm, after which Mr. Bettles, in welcoming the guests, spoke appreciatively of the occasion, and the splendid response to their invitation. On account of wounds received at Trones Wood there was one notable absentee in the person of Bom. Fred S. Clayton, and regret was felt, because he had been expected to be present, but his doctor forbade his release from a Dublin Hospital.

On behalf of the guests Mr. Jas. Sykes responded and wished Miss Bettles, long life and happiness.

After the room had been cleared a varied programme was gone through, of games, dancing, etc. and Mrs. E. Norman and Mrs. J. Summerlin, of Harrold, contributed excellent recitations, whilst Miss Emily Goode, of Kettering, Miss E. Summerlin, of Harrold, and Miss Hilda Groom, of Rushden, sang good solos. One of the happiest of parties broke up with the singing of “Auld Lang Syne” at 11pm.

The following is a list of presents received:-

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bettles, purse and Treasury note.

Master John Bettles, butter dish.

Bom. Fred S. Clayton, case of silver plated brush and comb.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Clayton, Misses Alice and May Clayton, tea service, Crown Derby pattern.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Flowers, Earls Barton, night-dress case.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Flowers, Earls Barton and Mr. and Mrs. H. Carter, Wellingborough, silver tea pot.

Mr., Mrs., Emily and Ethel Goode, Kettering, electro-plate sugar stand.

Mr. and Mrs. F. and Ella Flowers, Wellingborough, rose bowl.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Marriott, cut glass plated sugar bowl.

Mr. J. Mrs. And Emily Summerlin, Harrold, oyster-shell plated butter cooler.

Mrs. G. J. Richards, Cardiff, shell pattern butter dish.

Mrs. R. Williams, Treorchy S. Wales, marmalade pot.

Mr. F, Mrs. and Alice Austin, Earls Barton, electro plated butter knife.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pendered, Rushden, pair hand painted fruit dishes.

Mr. J. and Mrs. Sykes, pair E.P. tablespoons

Mr. Fred Sykes junr., pair vases.

Mrs. E. Norman, jewellery box.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Sears, half doz, dessert spoons.

Mrs. Grace Jones, 2 yards pillow lace.

Mrs. B. Farrer and Mrs. W. Wallace, brass plated letter rack

Miss Winnie Abrame, pair vases.

Misses Amy Clayton and Lizzie Maddams, pair rose vases.

Miss Frances Vorley, E.P. silver nickel fork.

Misses Rose Robinson and Mabel Dartnell, shell butter dish.

Misses Ada and Hilda Groom, jam dish.

Miss Beat Fox, Higham Ferrers, crocheted table centre.

Misses Alice and Doris Edwards, Rushden, butter dish.

Mrs. And Rene Bonner, pair pillow cases.

From Employees of G. Selwood and Co. Misses Mary Sharp, Ada Fairey, Flo Childs, Louie Cox, Frances Ball, Cis Willmott, Flo Wright, Edith Andrews, Flo Hart, Mrs. G. Jones, E.P.S. dinner cruet.

The Wellingborough News Friday 11 August 1916, transcribed by Nicky Bates

Journalist Soldier Wounded
The parents of Bombardier F S Clayton, Queen-street, Rushden, have received a hospital card, stating that their son has sustained a shrapnel wound to the right hand. The wounded soldier is attached to the Siege Battery, R.G.A. He was on the staff of the "Evening Telegraph" at Wellingborough when he joined up.

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