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Charles Luther Bradfield
Charles Bradfield
Charles L Bradfield

'Elmham' - 120 formerly 114 Newton Road

The Croft
107 Newton Road built in 1919 and named Elmham. Later renamed 'The Croft'

Born in Rushden in 1858, he was the son of Robert Bradfield - minister of the Old Baptist Church.

Charles is a shoe manufacturer in the census but no details of a company have been found so perhaps he made bespoke shoes to order, or was a partner in a factory. In 1881 he was aged 23 and living in a cottage on Rose Hill with his widowed mother Martha.

In 1898 he married Emily Sargent, widow of Walter Sargent who had died two years earlier. In 1903 Charles, Emily and her two sons signed a deed of partnership as shoe manufacturers in Crabb Street, to be known as Walter Sargent & Co. They lived at 114 Newton Road.

During WWI he was secretary of the Red Cross, and for various other collections of funds.

In 1919 the deed of partnership was dissolved and Emily and her son William continued the business. The same year Charles and Emily sold "Two plots of land, five houses and a factory in Duck Street to Ernest Hollis for £690" and his home "Elmham in Newton Road to Mrs A R Hawkes for £1,500". They moved across the road, to a new house, and took the name Elmham with him.

plans 1919
1919 plans drawn up for Mr Bradfield
Plaque above the front door is '19 B' + '19 B' reversed

The Garden in 1976
and house next door at 109 where the Claridge Family lived

1898 a parcel of land was sold by Mary Manton to brothers-in-law F Knight and C Bradfield. Fred Knight had married Charles' sister Marcia  in 1877.

1919 C Bradfield sold 'Elmham' 114 Newton Road. He then had 107 built and named this house Elmham after the place where his father came from. The first plans were passed in March, and in August the plan for a Motor House was passed.

1934 Charles died - the house was sold to Herbert Denton and his two sisters. They changed the name to 'The Croft.'

1976 The house was sold to D. Headland.

1980 House sold to N. Burt.

This folly or store was built adjoining number 105, before it was pebble dashed, as can be seen above the roof of the little thatched building.

The beams and original fireplace which has had some tiles replaced
The original door

Emily died in 1925 and Charles died in 1933 and they are buried in graves C215/216 in Rushden cemetery.

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