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Rushden Echo, 15th December 1972, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mrs Anne Bright
A Dream Becomes Reality
Pensioner Annie Bright’s dream of her own bungalow may at last come true.

Mrs Bright of 50 Moor Road, Rushden, and her daughter came up trumps with a £27,000 win on the pools this week.

Her daughter, Mrs Jean Williams of 28 Balmoral Avenue, Rushden, hopes to buy a new car and also treat her two children—Geraldine (18) and Glyn (14).


Smiles of Happiness from pools winner Mrs Anne Bright and her daughter, Jean Williams, of Rushden.
Mrs Bright and her husband George, married 42 years ago and have been dreaming of that bungalow ever since.

“I’m thrilled to bits. I don’t know whether I’m on my head or my heels at the moment”, said Mrs bright.

Listening to the football results on Saturday they didn’t believe they had won but when their neighbour checked their coupon he said it was correct.

Mrs Williams put in a claim and on Monday night the man from the pools came round. “I’ve been in a flat spin ever since”, said Mrs Bright.

Mrs Bright picked the right matches by reciting numbers from her head to her bedridden husband.

No doubt their mongrel puppy Brandy, will find extra helpings of dog food in his bowl this Christmas because they believe he brought them their luck.

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