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Splash Magazine, Autumn 1952, p3
Causebrook - Bradley

The two smiles belong to Mr. and Mrs. Billie Causebrook photographed after their marriage at Milton Ernest. The bride, formerly Miss PAULINE BRADLEY, is a member of the "Evening Telegraph" staff at Rushden.

They Listened to Wedding Gift Speech by 'Land Line'

THE roar of pencils was silenced (as they say) at the Rushden office when reporter Pauline Bradley, having decided on a marriage "special," faced a variegated audience into which had crept representatives of Park Road and Wellingborough.

All offices within reach had dubbed-up for a bedroom rug which L. V. Elliott somewhat sheepishly handed to the beauteous recipient with best wishes and also jn compensation for a long and embarrassing speech. At least, it should have been embarrassing, but Pauline is not the girl to blush for nothing: she took the leg-pulls — and the sheepskin —in her stride, shot back a few crisp sentences and smiled her gratitude and pleasure.

Pauline had been told that journalists never get cold feet: steps had therefore been taken to ensure hers being warm "in those delicate moments associated with retiring and rising."

Listening from Wellingborough via land-line—the telephone, in fact—were Clifford Garrod and W. J. L. Gotch. They reported good reception, marred only by a failure to grasp the nature of the present, which they deduced to be a hot water bottle.

To cut the story short, Pauline became Mrs. Billie Causebrook at Milton Ernest. Her beloved, a shoe designer for British Bata, Tilbury, is the son of Rushden parents.

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