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Rushden Echo, 14th September 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins
Claridge - Skinner
12th September 1900 at St Mary's Church

Fashionable Wedding at Rushden

Considerable interest was manifested in Rushden on Wednesday in the wedding of Mr. Chas. Claridge to Miss Effie Skinner, the parish church and its approaches being crowded with friends and well-wishers of the contracting parties. The bride and bridegroom are connected with leading families in the town, and the sincere respect in which they are both held in Rushden was amply evidenced by the throngs of people who gathered to witness the nuptial ceremony. The bridegroom is a member of the firm of Messrs. William Claridge and Sons, one of the largest firms of boot and shoe manufacturers in the town, and he is the third son of the late Mr. William Claridge, being the brother of Mr. John Claridge, C.C., ex-chairman of the Rushden Urban Council; while the bride is a daughter of Mr. George H. Skinner, a member of the Urban Council and a leading official connected with the parish church. The Rector (Rev. W. R. Morse) officiated, and he was assisted by the senior curate (Rev. H. K. Fry). The bride entered the church leaning upon the arm of her father, who subsequently gave her away, and she was

Exquisitely Costumed

Effie Skinner
Effie Skinner 1900
in cream satin, trimmed with lace, wearing a veil and orange blossom. In her hand she carried a lovely bouquet composed of eucharis lily, lilium pancratum, stephanotis, gardenias, tuberoses, agrostris white, relieved with asparagus and maiden hair ferns. As the bridal party entered the church Mr. J. E. Smith, the organist, played Callaert’s “Marche de fete” in a masterly manner. The service was choral, the hymns being “The Voice that breathed o’er Eden” and “Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us.” There were six bridesmaids, viz., Misses May, Annie, and Alice Skinner (sisters of the bride), Miss Emily Skinner (cousin of the bride), and Misses Gertrude and Ella Claridge (cousins of the bridegroom), each being prettily attires in white silk trimmed with turquoise blue velvet. Four of the bridesmaids wore black velvet hats, and the two youngest (Miss Alice Skinner and Miss Ella Claridge) wore large white hats. The bridesmaids’ bouquets were of pink roses, eucharis lilies, stephanotis, and lancifolium, gladiolas, relieved with maidenhair fern. Each bridesmaid wore a gold necklet with heart-shaped pendant and ruby centre, the gift of the bridegroom. Mr. C. R. Claridge was the best man. As the newly married pair left the church the organist gave a spirited rendering of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.


A reception

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was held in the large assembly-hall at the Queen Victoria Hotel, the company including the Revs. W. R. Morse and H. K. Fry, Dr. and Mrs. Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Claridge, Mr. and Mrs. Banks Skinner, Mr. and Mrs. J. Claridge, Mrs. Slaughter (London), Miss Darnell (London), Mr. and Mrs. Jaques (London), Mr., Mrs., and Miss Darnell (Northampton), Mr. and Mrs. W. Claridge (Northampton), Mr. and Mrs. Newman (Northampton), Miss Lilley, Mrs. J. Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Skinner, Miss M. Skinner, Miss M. Colson, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Heygate, Mr. and Mrs. Ashdowne, Miss Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. John Mason, Messrs. O., G. H., and C. R. Claridge, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cave, Mr. and Mrs. F. Cave, Mr. P. Brown (Greenock), Mr., Mrs., and Miss Brawn, Mrs. and Miss Denton, Mr. G. Denton, jun., Mr. Ward, Mr. Preston, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Colson, Mr. R. F. and Miss Knight, Miss Singleton (Lincoln), Miss Prole (Elston), Mr. and Mrs. Owen Parker (Higham).

Messrs. Seckington and Son, High-street, Rushden, supplied the bouquets.

Mr. Nichols, of Northampton, catered for the reception, and Mr. Walpole Smith, of High-street, Rushden, made the wedding cake.

The following is a

List of Presents

received by the bride and bridegroom:-

Mr. G. H. Skinner, cheque.

Mrs. G. H. Skinner, pier glass and house linen.

Mr. and Mrs. Banks Skinner, case of silver backed brushes, mirror and comb.

Miss Emily Skinner, silver hairpin box.

Mr. Skinner, sen., silver tablespoons.

Messrs. H. E. and Misses Annie and Alice Skinner, tea service.

Miss M. Skinner and Mr. Denton, jun., case of fish knives and forks.

The Misses Smith, oil painting.

Miss Louie Smith, hand-painted table centre.

Mrs. F. Sartoris, brass paper cabinet and blotter.

Miss Colson, crumb brush and tray (copper).

Mrs. Dean, silver bread fork.

Dr. Panton, silver fern pots.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Compton James, afternoon tea spoon.

Mrs. and Miss Carter, drawing-room clock.

Mrs. Lovell, bedroom clock and table cloth.

Miss Lizzie Colson, carved afternoon tea tray.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Skinner, copper kettle.

The Rev. W. R. and Mrs. Morse, picture.

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Heygate, hot water jug.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Colson, fruit stand.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller, croquet set.

Miss Prole, pillow lace sachet.

Mrs. Prole, afternoon tray cloth.

Misses Austin, silver sugar sifter.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Wyldes, silver butter knife.

Mr. and Mrs. Owen parker, silver serviette rings.

Dr. and Mrs. Owen, silver butter dish.

Mr. and Mrs. Webb, fruit dish.

Mrs. J. Brown, gong.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Newman, silver kettle and stand.

Miss Singleton, d’oyleys and tray cloths.

Mrs. Maurice Skinner, silver salt cellars and spoons.

Mrs. Skinner, sen., silk cushion.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans, dinner tray.

Mrs. Reynolds, salt cellars.

Mr. McLeod, scent bottle.

Mr. W. F. Darnell (London), cheque.

Miss Darnell, Mr. F. Darnell, and Mr. C. R. Darnell (London), drawing-room clock and ornaments.

Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Mason, library clock.

Mr. and Mrs. John Claridge, dinner service and water colour picture.

Mr. S. T. Karn, marmalade dish.

Mr. and Mrs. John Jaques (London), silver teaspoons and sugar tongs.

Miss Jaques and Mr. Merriman (London), silver mounted specimen glasses.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cave, Minton china fruit stand and desert dishes.

Mr. J. F. Rea (Godalming), golf umbrella.

Mrs. J. F. Mackness, tray cloth.

“Florence,” tray cloth. [perhaps Miss Simpson?]

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Price (Northampton), ivory and silver knife rests.

Mrs. Darnell, Miss Darnell, and Mr. A. J. Darnell (Northampton), silver hot water kettle and stand.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knight, silver photograph frame.

Mr. R. F. Knight, silver framed calendar.

Mr. C. G. Ward, water colour picture.

Mr. and Mrs. Slaughter (London), Chippendale writing table.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Tarry (Wolverton), silver mounted bread board & knife.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Claridge, and Mr. O. Claridge, dining room table.

Mr. G. H. and Mrs. C. R. Claridge, brass fender and fireirons.

Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Baker, cheque.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mason, cheque.

The Misses Claridge and Mr. Leo Claridge, silver salt cellars and spoons.

The Misses Bland, silver fruit knife.

Mr. Skinner’s employees, High-street and Wellingboro-road, silver teapot.*

Mr. Claridge’s employees, dining room clock.

Mr. W. H. Skinner, drawing room clock. *see below

Mr. F. Preston, silver photo frame.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knight, copper salvers.

Mr. Peter Brown (Grennock), silver-mounted pomade pot.

Mr. Horace, Mrs., and Miss Brawn, silver mustard pot, pepper pot, and salt cellars.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cave, silver butter dish.

Miss Denton, case of silver fish carvers.

Mr. and Mrs. Denton, case of silver teaspoons and sugar tongs.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Woodward, silver matchbox.

Mr. and Mrs. Ashdowne, silver apostle teaspoons and tongs.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Marriott, music stand.

Two of the presents are with a descendant today:
teapot clock
Above: Silver teapot given by
Mr Skinner's employees

Right: Drawing room clock (French boule) given by
Mr W H Skinner

Rushden Echo, 14th September 1900

Presentations to Messrs. J & C Claridge

The employees at Messrs. Claridge’s factory have signalized the weddings of the heads of the firm—Mr. John and Mr. Charles Claridge—by presenting each gentleman with a handsome clock, striking the hours and half-hours. One was inscribed—“Presented to Mr. John Claridge by the employees of the firm, on the occasion of his marriage. April 1900.” The clock given to Mr. C. Claridge was similarly inscribed, with the name and date, of course altered.

Rushden Echo, 14th September 1900

Wedding Festivities at Rushden - Messrs. Claridge’s Employees

The factory of Messrs. W. Claridge and Sons was closed on Wednesday afternoon last and the employees were invited to the Town Football Ground to celebrate the marriages of Mr. John and Mr. Charles Claridge. The latter was married on that day, and the former, it will be remembered, was married in April. This opportunity was taken of celebrating both marriages together. Various games were indulged in, the weather being all that could be desired, though possibly those who took an active part in the shop football match—Upper Room versus Lower Room—may have felt that it was rather hot for such violent exercise. The game was well contested, however, and good form was shown on both sides. The result was a victory for the Upper Room by 2 goals to nil. The Temperance Band played selections. Lemonade, fruit, and other light refreshments were provided. The visitors numbered about 200, and all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

In the evening the employees were all invited with their wives and sweethearts, to a meat tea in the Public-hall. Over 250 sat down to the bountiful spread. Tea over, Mr. W. S. Hartwell proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. J. and Mr. C. Claridge and said there was no need to say much in their praise. They had the sincere goodwill of all their employees. (Cheers)

Mr. Clarke seconded the motion, which was carried with enthusiasm, and Mr. J. Claridge suitably replied.

Tables were then cleared for a concert and dance, which was much enjoyed.

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