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The Northampton Mercury Saturday March 30th 1878, transcribed by Susan Manton

Colson - Lucy

Marriage Festivities
On Tuesday the marriage of William, eldest son of Mr. W. Colson, boot and shoe manufacturer, with Miss Mary Lucy, of Wollaston, was solemnised in the Old Baptist chapel, the Rev. R. E. Bradfield officiating. The employees of Mr. Colson adjourned to the Temperance Hall after the wedding and a capital dinner was served by Mrs. Wood. About sixty persons sat down. Mr. Packwood was indefatigable in his exertions to make every one happy. After a very pleasant afternoon had been spent, a first class tea was placed upon the table, at which all the married men were joined by their wives; and Mr. J. E. Smith, the organist of the parish church and several members of the Rushden Temperance brass band, provided a musical programme as follows: Fantasia “Concordia” band ; song “Don’t judge a man by his coat” Mr. Skinner; song “Going out shopping” Mr. D. Crick; song “Over the rolling sea” Mr. Skinner; chorus “Hail shining morn” band; song “Oh he kissed me when he left me” Mr. D. Crick; pianoforte solo Mr. J. E. Smith; song “Oh I wish they would do it now” Mr. H. Chettle; selection band; song “Little Sam” Mr. Crick; song “True to the core” Mr. Durham; song “Hard times come no more” Mr. T. White; song “I wish Mamma was here” Mr. T. Willis; selection “Singing Quadrille” band.

Votes of thanks to Mr. Colson, Mrs. Wood and the band and Mr. Smith brought the proceedings to a close.

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