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From the Evening Telegraph Monday, November 7, 1983. Transcribed by Sue Manton.
Gran, 90, Takes to Skies
A happy Rose thanks pilot Bill Burnope of the Northamptonshire School of Flying for her trip.
Rose with pilot, Bill Burnope

High flying granny Rose Dickerson celebrated her 90th birthday with her first flight in an aeroplane.

The trip was organised by her family – and the first Rose knew about it was when she arrived at Sywell Aerodrome.

She believed she was on her way from Rushden to see her daughter in Orlingbury.

'But when we got to Sywell I guessed what they had in mind. I was thrilled and delighted to be given such a wonderful birthday present. I had never flown before, although I expressed a desire to several years ago. It was a trip of a lifetime.'

Rose, who lives at Dell Place, Rushden, went on an hour-long flight in a four-seater aircraft owned by Northamptonshire School of Flying.

'It was fantastic to see Rushden and Wellingborough from the air.'

Rose who has four children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, spends most of her time knitting and crocheting or meeting friends at Cordwainers Centre in Rushden Hospital. She is now a widow. She was married twice and meeting her second husband was like a fairy tale come true.

'After my first husband, Sid, died I was alone for seven years. Then I met Bill in Wymington Road and he said hello to me. I looked at him and didn’t recognise who he was. He said he had always taken my picture with him on trips around the world and dreamed one day of meeting me again. Suddenly I remembered who it was – a childhood sweetheart who I hadn’t seen in 30 years. Soon after that chance meeting we were married. He was a lovely man.'

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