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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 19th August 1932, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Mr. R. Farrow’s 80th Birthday
Birthday Party at Rushden Hall
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roe The Host and Hostess

A birthday party uniting the veteran residents of Rushden who visit the Hall grounds and conservatory daily, was held in the drawing room of the Hall yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Mr. R. Farrow.

The tea was kindly given by Councillor J. Roe J.P. (chairman of the Rushden Urban District Council) and Mrs. Roe, and a birthday cake had been made by Mrs. Roe for the occasion, this being cut into portions and handed round to the company. The caterers were the Waverley Hotel, Rushden.

After the tea an introductory speech was given by the Rev. Travers S. Stoney (Rector of St. Mary’s Church, Rushden) who said that the Council accomplished a very good thing when they took over the Hall. Such teas, he continued, were very enjoyable, and he hoped that when he became 80 years of age he would be able to have a birthday party there. He was very grateful to Mr. Roe, and he thought it a very nice thing for the men.

Mr. Stoney remarked that his mother was 95 years of age, and he would like to have brought her, but he understood that women were not invited. He concluded by saying that he hoped they would live to enjoy many more such teas.

Mr. Farrow in an appropriate speech said how highly honoured he was and he thanked Mr. and Mrs. J. Roe for the birthday cake they had given him.

The next speaker was Councillor J. Hornsby, who said the acquisition of the park, by the town, had been appreciated by all the inhabitants, especially the older ones because they enjoyed resting in the grounds. While the Council no doubt made mistakes sometimes they did not make one when they purchased the Hall.

Councillor G. W. Coles, J.P., was the next speaker to be called upon, and he remarked that it did not seem long since they had the last tea. He congratulated Mr. Farrow on his great age, and in conclusion thanked Mr. and Mrs. Roe for their invitation.

Councillor John Spencer, J.P. (vice-chairman of the Council) next contributed to the speech-making and said he was sure the tea had been a splendid one.

It was Councillor Wilmott’s turn next, and after remarking that they had left him very little to say, he said he would like to move a resolution of thanks to the donors, Councillor J. Roe, J.P., and Mrs. Roe. This was seconded by Mr. A. Short, who made a capable speech. The final speech was made by Councillor Roe, who said, on behalf of Mrs. Roe and himself, that it gave them both great pleasure to meet them. “No doubt we poor Councillors come in for criticism whilst you are talking in the conservatory,” he continued, “but it gives us pleasure to know you come up here and enjoy a walk in the beautiful grounds, and it gives me great pleasure to come to the tea.”

Recitations were given by Mr. West, these being heartily applauded.

So ended the latest birthday party at Rushden Hall.

Whose will be next?

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