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Rev Walter J Gadsby
Rushden Echo, 3rd September 1909, transcribed by Peter Brown

Missionary Returns to Rushden - The Rev Walter J Gadsby

The Rev Walter J Gadsby, son of Mr James Gadsby, of Spencer Park, Rushden, and nephew of Mr Abraham Gadsby, one of the Rushden representatives on the Wellingborough Board of Guardians, has this week returned to Rushden from Central America. A portrait of Mr Gadsby appears on page 6.

Rev. Walter GadsbyMr Walter Gadsby left Rushden three years ago for Belize, British Honduras, Central America having been appointed by the Wesleyan Methodist Conference as a missionary there. He laboured just over two years in Belize, and was then appointed as the superintendent of the Stann Creek circuit. After six months strenuous work at Stann Creek Mr Gadsby unfortunately suffered from a breakdown in health. His medical advisers in Central America ordered his immediate return to England, and consequently he left Belize on July 28th in the SS Statia for London by way of Jamaica and France.

Before leaving Belize a farewell meeting was held in connection with the Wesleyan Methodist Church there, and the heartiest good wishes were voiced for Mr Gadsby’s future welfare and happiness, and the earnest hope was expressed that he would speedily be restored to health.

On the return voyage Mr Gadsby unfortunately had an attack of malarial fever, from which, however, he has now recovered. The SS Statia arrived in France last week, and after four days there the voyage to England was resumed, London being reached on Monday morning last. Mr Gadsby had an interview with the President of the Wesleyan Conference (the Rev William Perkins), and then proceeded at once to Rushden, reaching here on Monday evening. He will probably spend a short time in an English sanatorium and his speedy and complete restoration is earnestly hoped for.

Rushden Echo, 16th September 1910, transcribed by Peter Brown

The Rev Walter J Gadsby, nephew of Mr Abraham Gadsby of Rushden, has now gone to Handsworth Wesleyan College for 12 months.

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