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Rushden Echo, 12th August 1910, transcribed by Peter Brown
Rushden Wedding

Last week we reported the marriage, at the Parish Church, Rushden, of Miss Emily Jane Stacey, eldest daughter of Mr. George Stacey, and Mr. Leonard Thomas Garrod, son of the late Mr. Edward Garrod, both of Rushden.

The wedding presents, a list of which is to hand, were as follow:—

Bride to bridegroom, signet ring.

Bridegroom to bride, gold brooch.

Father of bride coal vase.

Mother of bride, kitchen utensils.

Mr and Mrs G Stacey (Leicester), teapot and stand.

Miss V Stacey, tea knives.

Miss M Stacey and Mr L Draper, fern stand.

Miss K Stacey, sugar sifter.

Miss Elsiee Stacey, basket.

Miss Doris Stacey, wine glasses.

Miss Edna Stacey, clothes pegs.

Mr and Mrs Waller, house brushes.

Mr Ernest Gadsby, shoe brushes.

Miss B Gadsby, silver mounted jam jar.

Master H Waller, towel roller.

Mr and Mrs F Garrod, carvers.

Mr Albert Garrod, flower stand.

Mr and Mrs Mitchell, set of jugs.

Miss G Mitchell, vases.

Mr and Mrs B Blunt (Wellingborough), fancy chair.

Mr and Mrs F Wooding, knife basket.

Miss M Bird, silver sugar tongs.

Miss L Goldsmith, silver jam spoon.

Mrs Linnitt, table cloth.

Miss L Linnitt, shovel and candlestick.

Miss A Linnitt, chamber service.

Mr and Mrs W Adams (Berkhampstead), silver trays and cut glass salts.

Mr and Mrs Norris, book case and table cloth.

Mrs Norris, enamel bowls.

Mrs Elmer, tumblers, fender, and dish.

Mr S Elmer, glass dishes.

Mr and Mrs C Elmer, fruit dishes, rolling pin, and paste board.

Mr and Mrs F Parker, door mat.

Mr and Mrs I Parker, silver tea spoons.

Mr and Mrs W Goodman, iron saucepan.

Mr Fred Goodman, copper kettle.

Miss F Goodman and Mr Bigley, table cloth.

Mr Percy Goodman, wooden spoon and nutmeg grater.

Mrs Ward, clothes basket.

Miss A Ward, teapot and glass dish.

Mr Arthur Ward, cushion.

Mr and Mrs C Woods, case of carvers.

Miss L Burfield, hand painted fire screen.

Miss Percival, oak tray.

Misses R and B Palmer, bedroom mats.

Miss C Childs, tumblers.

M Underwood (Yardley Hastings), glass dishes.

Mrs Haxley (Wellingborongh), d'oyleys.

Mr and Mrs Benson (Finedon), water glasses and decanters.

Miss L Benson and Mr Chamberlain, fruit dishes.

Miss A Reynolds, bedroom towels.

Miss Hodgkins and Mr Maddams, bread board and knife.

Mrs J Sears and Miss Green, cruet.

Misses B and Olive Chapman, Woodhurst pictures.

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