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Don Gibson
Don in 1978 with a draft of the 'Old Rushden' book
Don on the left - in linesman's uniform

Donald Frederick Gibson was born in 1910 at Great Doddington, the son of Charles William and Laura, where his father worked in the shoe trade.

In his youth Don was a very good football player, and was playing for Higham Ferrers in the 1930s. Later he became a referee, which he continued for over 20 years.

His working life was in the motor trade, first as an engineer, and later he became the proprietor of Townsend's Garage.

As a Rotarian, he led a project to produce a book on 'Old Rushden' in 1974, published in 1979.

Don Gibswon in 1979
With 'Old Rushden' - 1979

He was living at Gt Doddington in the 1930s
How the secretary asked the players to attend

He played football for Higham Ferrers in 1930s. Later he became a referee and was presented with a certificate on completion of 20 years.

1930-31 certificate
Higham Ferrers Football Team - 1930-31
l-r: C Richardson, R Cowper, L Buckby, H Rigby. J Richardson, A Weston, H Clark
Front: D Gibson, M Althorpe, A Horne, P Johnson, A Ainsworth (trainer)
Certificate for 20 years in the Northamptonshire Referees' Association

Don a man or high renown,
For his service to the town,
Rotary President he has done,
From nineteen seventy to seventy one,
Golf, Captain, he has been,
His handicap would send Tony Jacklin green,
Worshipful Master of High degree,
At football, distinguished referee,
But still this lad, not satisfied
Dreamed other dreams, as yet untried,
Author Don, has leapt to fame.
From far and near his praise acclaim,
So henceforth now, for evermore,
We'll rename Don, George Bernard Shaw.


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