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Rushden - People & Families

Amy Savage
William Sparkes - footman at Rushden House
Granny Hensman 100th birthday

The names of people and families appearing below are not intended to be part of an exclusive list. This page exists to record the stories of all Rushden people and families whose lives and experiences deserve to be shared with a wide audience. As well as the personal details, the stories also capture parts of the town's history, and reflect the age in which these people lived.

If the stories are not set down, they will only live on in the memory of friends and relatives and will ultimately be lost. We can only feature those on whom we have details, so please help us to preserve the precious memories. If you have friends and family who you feel could be included, please get in touch with us.

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People - Surnames A-J People - Surnames K-Z

An Evacuee

Henryka Karabin (formerly Koller)

Geoff Abbott

Ebenezer Knight 1811 - 1886

Pat Abbott

Fred Knight - Memorial Garden

William Abington - Poem

Geoff & May Knight
Arthur Allebone Marcia E Knight - Poet
A A "Gus" Allebone

William Cumberland Knight - Poem

Walter J Anker William Saby Knight
Ella Appleing (nee Cook) Herbert Lack
Charles Ashby Walter J Lack

Ernest Ashton's Birthday card

Mr B Ladds - Guardian

Fred Attley - Visits from Australia Samuel Ladds - benefit 1882

Basil Austin - To Klondike 1898

R Leach - Memories

Bill Bailey Cyril Leeding - Memories
Eileen Bailey - Memories of Rushden

Dr Oscar Lean

Mrs Joyce Bailey

Philip Leeding

John Baker J W Lloyd - surveyor
Baker and Burgess - Transported 1850 Dr Gilbert Lord
Steve Baldock Mr John T Lovell - retires 1927
Samuel Ball - 90th Birthday Richard & Michael Lumb - 1969
Frank Ballard Doreen Lumbers
Molly Maddams 1948
John Thomas Barker William B Madin

H E Bates

Arthur Mantle

Sue Manton - Memories

Christopher Magee - 100
George S Mason
Walter Bates

Veronica Wheatcroft-McGain

Albert Bayes - ex POW George Miller
Harriett Bayes Reg Moisey - Cemetery caretaker

Joseph Bayes

Edith Mole (nee Ingram)
Ralph Bayes, minister & Memories 1890s Rhoda Annie Mole

William Bazeley, J.P. & Retirement

Sarah Mole - lacemaker
P.S. Beale retires

Joyce Moore

Ron Benning - musician Jane Morris - lacemaker
Mr Bignell retires Alice Muxlow
Jesse and Peggy Bird - Pearly King and Queen Alfred Newell
Roy Blenco - Memories of Rushden Ernest E Newell
H A Newman - inventor
Mr Fred Bollard Alfred G A Norman
C L Bradfield

R W Norman

George Brawn - council worker J H Nunley
W J Bridgeford - Bandsman John Orme
Annie Bright - pools winner Jim Osborne
Harvey Britten & Reg Russell Graham Pack - gas man

Thomas Britton - The Small-coal Man

Herbert Packwood
Thomas Britton (another biography) Dick Pantling - boxer
Mr William Brown J H J Paragreen
Stanley Brooks Edith Parker

Bull Family

Cliff Parker - clerk
P.C. Keith Trevor Burdett

Geoff Partridge - Memories of Rushden

Mr & Mrs Fred Butler - Visit Houston 1969 Bill Patenall

Peter Butler - A Rushden Apprenticeship

Thomas Patenall
Graham Penness
Audrey Perkins - councillor
John Carrington Doreen Perkins - Lacemaking
Christine Carter Frances Perkins - 100th birthday
Joy Case Mrs A Peters (nee Bryant)

Bert Catlin (includes sound clip)

Mrs Eva May Potter

John Cave Mr F E Preston

Emily Cherry

Mr & Mrs Prickett
Mrs Susanna Childs aged 95 Stella Reynolds
Alan Clark James W Reynolds
Audrey Clark (nee Flanders)

Doris Roberts (nee Watts)

Charles Clark

Arthur Robinson

Daisy Clarke (nee Browning) - Evacuee

Frank Horace Robinson
Thomas Coleman Clarke - autobiography Dick (Roy) Rogers
Thomas Tobiah Clarke

Ada Sail (Holloway)

Nicholas Claridge

George Sail part 1 and Part 2

Charles Reginald Clayton Molly Sadler (aged 10)
Walter Clayton - goes missing 1913 Thomas Sanders
John S Clipson Arthur Sargent
J Lindsay Clipson Evelyn Sayer - singer 1917
John Cole George Sayer
Anthony Corlan - actor

J. Seckington - Postman

Nathaniel Crick

William Scholes

Peter Crisp John Thomas Scott aged 90
Mr C H Cunnington Mr F J Sharwood
Philip Cuthbert William Sherwood
Dentons of Eastfields Mr W A E Sherwood
Arthur Desborough Fanny Shortland
Cyril Desborough Dennis Shouler
Emily Dickens aged 102 Doris Shrive
Fred Dickens Harry Edward Silburn marries 1916
Rose Dickerson George Skinner 1911
George Dilley William Skinner - Musician 1910 tributes

A J Dobbs

Frank Skipper
Mabel Olive Dunn & others Betty Smith
Bill Elliott E B 'Ted' Smith
Leonard V Elliott L/Cpl Douglas Frank Stanley Smith - 21
Dennis Howard Ellis

J Enos Smith

Sam Elmer Mollie Smith - Memories 1940s

Tommie Essam - Showman

Sid Smith

Charles Ette

Ted Smith

Ken Eyles

John Spencer, J.P.
Frederick G Felce Linda Stapleton - memories
Dr C R Fisher Mr & Mrs Sturgen
W T L Flood

Don Sturgess - 1920s & 30s

E E Fountain (nee Margetts) Jack Tear
Percy Francis R C Tear, MBE
Dorothy Franklin T R Thacker marries Miss A Beaumont 1944
Raymond Fuller Sydney Tilley
Mr Abraham Gadsby - Guardian Station Officer Albert Timpson
Rev W Gadsby

Clifford Timpson

W Gardam

Ralph Thompson - Memories

Arthur J George

Bernard Tomkins
John George

Mr Tomlin - Postman - Retires 1929

Mr Gilbert - old soldier

Walter Tull

J W Goode

Buck Turner - Towncrier

Margaret Goodwin (nee Bugby) - Memories of Miss Bull's Class 1951 Mr G R Turner
Mr Horace Valvona

Claude Grahame-White

Doris Walding (includes audio clip)
Harry Graham MBE Shani Wallis
Granny Green's Ice Cream Parlour Grace Warboys and Her Poems
Harry Green - the man who wore beads George Ward
Walter Green - Memories of the 1860s George Warner
Walter Green - Memories

Mr H Warren

Kath Griffin - daughter of Reg Moisey Mr Jesse Warren
Grace Harbour Tony Warren
John Harley Tom Watson - His model railways
Paul Harley Charlie Watts
Eveline Harlow Cynthia Watts - Memories of Gloucester Crescent 1950s
Peter Harris - National Service Esther Webster
Jack Harrison

PC Webster 1911

John Hearn

Peter Whelan

Ellen Hensman

Claude Grahame-White

"Granny" Hensman

John White

Connie Hobson

Margaret Whiteman (nee Mepham)

Harold Holloway

Whitworth Family

Gladys Holt

Bob Whitworth
Nancy Hopkins Miss Alice Williams
Charles Horrell Helen Wills

Hilda House - Poems

Ted Woollard - Memories of Rushden House, Sanatorium & Hospital

Donald S Hunt Clive Wood
Eliza Houghton - lacemaker E G Wood - artist
Cliff Iliffe Fred Wood - Cyclist
Eileen Iliffe (nee Smith) Harry Wood
Ellen Inwood, MBE Rev. Jn Wood

Gordon Inwood

Emma Wooding - 1898
Bob Jarvis - National Service

Jenny Wynd

Thomas Young
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Even if you don't feel that the story of your family has much significance, or not enough to be featured here, but you have memories of Rushden as it was in the last century, please consider setting them down for us, or recording an interview. Maybe you can tell us the things you remember most about the town: the factories, the shops, the fairs, schools, sports, pubs and clubs, travelling by bus and train - to name but a few. To read what others have already contributed, look also at the memories in the History, Education and Shoe Trade sections.

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