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By Mary Jaques Ludlow, 2013
Jaques Family

The Jaques’ Great Grandparents all lived and died in Rushden, England.

We referred to Thomas Vincent as ‘old Tom’. We are hoping that an extended family member in Rushden may have memories or photos. [Thomas Vincent Jaques was born in Portsmouth and his wife Rosina was born in Southampton, both in 1860. They were married in 1880 and son Thomas was born in Southampton 1884, and 3 years later the family were living at 10 Grove Road, Rushden, where Thomas worked as a shoe maker (later a shoe riveter), when their second son William was born. Ellen was born in 1888, Harry in 1890, Charles in 1893, Fred in 1897, and Elizabeth in 1899. KC]

Harry Jaques married Harriett Ingram in 1912. They lived in Grove Road and had two boys, Frederick William in 1914 and Charles two years later. During the war they moved to Harborough Road, and then to Essex Road in 1922.

Jaques family
Harry & Harriett Jaques in 1916
with children Fred and Charles
Harry Jaques’ shoe factory went Bankrupt in 1930. Harry and Harriett (nee Ingram) then moved to Slough with their 2 children (Fred and Charlie), where Harry opened a shoe repair business. Whilst working as an apprentice shoemaker for his father, Fred met and married Ellen Wilson in 1938. During the next 6 years they were to have 3 children. Charles married Lily Campion of Rushden and later remarried Catherine Wallen in Slough.

Harry Harry & Harriet in the 1930s
left Harry c1920 - above with Harriett and car 1930s

Fred & Charlie Fred & Charlie 1922 Fred, Harriet and Charlie
c1917 Fred & Charlie
c1922 Fred & Charlie with little carriage car outside 17 Essex Road
late 1920's Fred, Harriet, Charlie

Harriett’s parents, Mark William Ingram and Mary nee Dickens and her siblings migrated to Australia in 1912 and lived and died in the State of Victoria.

Harriett sadly passed away after an operation in 1939. Harry remarried in 1940 to Elizabeth Dickens (nee Turner) of Kettering and they continued to live in Slough.

After the war Harry and his second wife Elizabeth retired to Clacton on Sea, Essex, where Harry Jaques passed away in 1959. He is buried in the Slough cemetery with his first wife Harriett. Harry’s second wife Elizabeth went to live with her stepson Charles Jaques and passed away in 1965 in Somerset.

Fred Jaques attended South End School between 1918 and 1921 and Newton Road School from 1922 until leaving in 1928. Fred was an athletic young man winning schoolboy Athletic Championships at the age of 14. Fred enlisted in the RAF in 1941 and served as a “Shoemaker”. He was deployed to various squadrons all over the British Isles and released in 1946.

Fred in the RAF
Fred W Jaques in 1928 with his medals for running, and in 1941 in his RAF uniform

Frederick William Jaques married Ellen Wilson (b1913 Tipperary Ireland). Fred and his family also moved to Clacton, where his father had retired. Fred bought a Grocery store, and he and Ellen ran this until 1953 when Fred had a motor vehicle accident, which seriously damaged both his legs.

His wife Ellen, with Fred’s father Harry’s help, continued to run the grocery store business until it was sold and with the compensation received from the motor vehicle accident, Fred bought a Chicken farm at Little Clacton. Fred’s determination showed through and he was walking again within 2 years, despite being initially sent home in a wheelchair.

The family eventually settled in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, where Fred set up business as a shoe repairer.

The family emigrated to the USA in 1960, where despite support from Ellen’s sister, Ann, Fred felt he was unable to properly support his family, so they returned to England.

After being involved in several businesses in England and USA, Fred migrated with his family to Darwin, Australia in 1969 as '£10 POMS'. As there was no direct rail link between the southern states the family was flown into Darwin, where Fred’s oldest son was living.

The Jaques family had many enjoyable years in Darwin until Cyclone Tracey came along in 1974. Fred and Ellen’s home was destroyed by the Cyclone and they retired to Queensland and eventually all the family have moved to live and work in Queensland.

Fred and Ellen both died in Toowoomba, Queensland. They are survived by their 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Note: Mary Ludlow of Australia, would like to make contact with family members: please contact Rushden Research and we will put you in touch with Mary.

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