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From a newsclip found inside a book given to Rushden Research in 2010
Elizabeth Marcia Knight
The Telegraph 14th July 1902

A Christmas Greeting To The Queen
By a Rushden Lady

In this week's issue of "The Gentlewoman" appears a charming little greeting to her Majesty the Queen, written by Mrs. Fred Knight, of the Old Rectory, Rushden. The quotation is as under: —

The following Christmas greeting, which appeared in "The Gentlewoman", has been sent by one of our earliest readers, Mrs. Fred Knight, of Rushden for competition in our "Problems for prizes" column. Mrs. Knight forwarded a copy to her Majesty the Queen, and has received from the Hon. Sidney Greville the command of her Majesty to thank Mrs. Knight for sending her the greeting: —

"A Christmas Greeting to her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Alexandra.
Our hearts, our loyal faith,
These gifts we offer thee,
True English Queen, beloved!
Fair Daughter of the Sea,
May Christmas joy enfold
Thy spirit pure and bright;
God's sunshine gild thy crown
Till dawns Eternal Light."


In the same issue of "The Gentlewoman" Mrs Knight is honourably mentioned for an epigrammatic definition of "A wedding present," her answer being: "The best sticking plaster for social cuts."

Elizabeth Marcia Knight (Lizzie) was born in Cambridge in 1856.

She married Fred Knight, a shoe manufacturer.

Under her middle name, Marcia, she wrote poetry and published this little
book in 1911 entitled “Milestones”

Marcia died in 1929, and is buried in Rushden Cemetery, Grave F.461.

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