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Samuel Ladds - Benefit
Wellingborough News, 2nd December 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Grand Prize Drawing
The Winning Numbers for the Benefit of SAMUEL LADDS, are as follows:—
1st, 2798; 2nd, 6112; 3rd, 1005; 4th, 4640; 5th, 2268; 6th, 5931; 7th, 6243; 8th, 6889; 9th 4637; 10th, 65; 11th, 144; 12th, 3364; 13th, 3629; 14th, 3511; 15th, 4254; 16th, 662; 17th, 167; 18th, 3791; 19th, 6284; 20th, 302; 21st, 3220; 22nd, 4494; 23rd, 6865; 24th, 5835; 25th, 462; 26th, 6693; 27th, 1692; 28th, 3730; 29th, 4850; 30th, 273; 31st, 508; 32nd, 2323; 33rd, 6508; 34th, 604.

The Committee take this opportunity of tendering their thanks to their numerous friends, and supporters of the above object, and wish to state the result is most satisfactory.

Signed on behalf of the Committee
HARRY KING, Secretary

All Prizes not claimed by December 9th, will be forfeited.

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