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Harold Lewis - Jean

Wedding guests outside the Drill Hall
A group of wedding guests outside the Drill Hall c1952

Left to right: Millicent Wright néé Desborough, Olive Smith néé Desborough, Ivy Lewis néé Desborough, Megan Eve néé Desborough,
Florence Desborough néé Skellham, Unknown, Beulah Compton néé Desborough. Megan used to be the landlady at the White Horse in Wymington. My family through the years has been part of both pubs in Wymington. Named by Gary (by email) but he doesn't know whose wedding or the date.

Information by email from Linda Hadden:

My attention was recently drawn to one of your unidentified photos of a group of wedding guests outside the Drill Hall c1950s. This depicts 6 of my Great Aunts - 5 sisters, all nee Desborough originating from Wymington, 1 sister-in-law & 1 mother-in-law.
From left to right:-
Millicent Wright (nee Desborough) married to Reginald Wright, Landlord of the Windmill Club and The Feathers in Rushden at various times.
Olive Smith (nee Desborough) married to Percival Smith who was a shoeworker at CWS Footwear at one time.
Ivy Lewis (nee Desborough) married to Jack Lewis.
Megan Eve (nee Desborough - the youngest of the sisters) married to Leslie Eve. Landlord of the Band Club & The Bull @ Irthlingborough & The White Horse @ Wymington at various times.
Florence Desborough - wife of Charles Desborough (the only male sibling) who also kept the White Horse @ Wymington before Les Eve.
Mary Eve - wife of Leslie Eve's Dad, Arnold?
Beulah Compton, nee Desborough, married to Arthur Compton & lived in Oakley, Beds. for most of their married lives before retiring to Rushden.

I believe the occasion was the wedding of Ivy & Jack's son, Harold to Jean in 1952. It is therefore their Diamond Wedding Anniversary this year - in September, I think.

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