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Transcribed from Rushden Echo 1.11.1907 by Jane Linnitt
Mr Linnitt and Miss Bayes

Considerable interest was taken in Rushden, and in fact throughout the whole of the Wellingborough Union, in the wedding, which took place yesterday morning at the Park-road Baptist Church, Rushden, of two of the representatives of Rushden on the Wellingborough Board of Guardians - Miss Clara R Bayes and Mr T W C Linnitt.

The bride, who is the youngest daughter of the late Mr Charles Bayes, of Rushden, has sat on the Board of Guardians for the last 6½ years, having last March been returned for the third time.

In this work she succeeded her father, who was for many years a Guardian of the Poor for Rushden, in addition to which he was a leading temperance advocate, a deacon of the Baptist Church, and a leading townsman. The bride herself is closely associated with the Baptist cause in Rushden. The bridegroom has been a Guardian for the last 11½ years. At the present time he serves on the Assessment Committee, the House Committee, the Cottage Homes Committee, the Financial Committee, and the Berrywood Asyleum Committee, and he has been a member of other committees at various times. Substituting the Tenders Committee for the Assessment Committee, the bride serves on the same committees as the bridegroom.

The ceremony took place at 10.00 a.m., the Rev. W H Harris (pastor) officiating. Mr George Farey presided at the organ, and played appropriate music. The hymn "0 God of Bethal by Whose hand" was sung. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Councillor C E Bayes, was attired in a grey travelling costume, and she' wore a black hat with plumes. She was accompanied by Mrs G H Parkin (daughter of the bridegroom) and Mrs C E Bayes (sister-in-law of the bride). Mr G H Parkin was best man.

After the ceremony Mr and Mrs C E Bayes held a reception at Gladstone House, among the invited guests being Mr and Mrs G Bayes, Mr and Mrs F Bayes, Mr and Mrs T Tailby, Mr and Mrs Edgar Linnitt, Mr and Mrs G H Parkin, Misses Gladys, Lizzie and Grace Bayes.

The bride and bridegroom left Wellingborough by the 12.10 train for Bournemouth, where the honeymoon is being spent.


The following is a list of the presents:-

Mr and Mrs George Bayes, cheque.

Mr and Mrs C E Bayes, cheque

Mr and Mrs Fred Bayes, tea service

Mrs Tailby, easy chair.

Mr and Mrs G H Parkin, case of silver dessert knives.

Mr and Mrs A Hollowell, half-dozen silver egg spoons.

Miss Brown and Miss Teater (Letchworth), half-dozen silver afternoon spoons.

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Starling (Moulsoe Rectory), silver cream jug.

Miss Lily Knight, knife rests and salt sprinkler.

Miss Mabel Hartwell, rose bowl.

Mr and Mrs F Cowley, side-board cloth.

Miss Elstow, Duchess cloth.

Miss Cowley, breakfast service.

Mr and Mrs T W Gates, set of jugs.

Mrs Thomas Burton, pair of tablespoons and old family silver teaspoon.

Miss Maddison (Northampton), traycloth and d'oyleys.

Mrs Smith (Newton-road), wooden spoons and clothes pegs.

Miss Mansfield (Exmouth), carvers.

Master Reginald Bayes, silver-mounted steel.

Mr and Mrs Knowles (Basingstoke), sardine servers.

Mrs Houghton (Earls Barton), Tenerife afternoon tea cloth.

Miss Cook (Northampton), piano top.

Mrs Hedger Edwards (Wellingborough), Wedgewood vases.

Miss Smith (Wellingborough), silver butter knife.

The Master and Matron at Wellingborough Workhouse, silver cake basket.

Miss Lowick (Isham), hand-worked cushion cover.

Mrs John Linnitt, pillow-lace handkerchief.

Miss Linnitt, photo and frame.

Mrs S Linnitt, pillow-lace bertha.

Mrs Thomas Brightwell, d'oyleys.

Mrs Ward (Park-place), pillow-lace.

Miss Ivy Knight, china bowl.

Mr and Mrs B Ladds, case with silver sugar sifter and jam spoons.

Mr and Mrs J Sargent, silver-mounted sugar sprinkler.

Mr and Mrs W E Sargent, game carvers.

Mrs Edwin Knight, old china.

Mr and Mrs C E Knight, silver sugar basin and tongs.

Mr and Mrs H W Caswell (Kettering), silver-mounted honey jar.

Mrs Mansfield (Bromley), hand-painted table centre.

Mr and Mrs Madin, table centre.

Mrs H Wheeler, ornament.

Miss Heath, vase.

Mr and Mrs E Loakes (Stanwick), umbrella.

Mr and Mrs J F Knight (Fairlawn), silver-mounted bread board and knife.

Masters and Misses Knight (Fairlawn), framed photograph.

Misses Bayes (Manfield Villa), silver sugar bowl.

Miss Lizzie Bayes, breakfast cruet.

Miss Grace Bayes, painting.

Miss Annie Bayes, half-dozen tumblers.

Master Carl Bayes, brass poker.

Master Arthur Bayes, plaque.

Mr H 0 Robinson, sardine dish.

Mr and Mrs Sharwood, silver sugar basin and tongs.

Mrs S C Brightwell, silver Doulton jam dish.

Mrs Edgar Harris, pillow-lace handkerchief.

Mr and Mrs A C Ashby, Damask table cloth.

Councillor and Mrs and Miss Ballard, clock.

Councillor and Mrs Fred Knight, drawing-room clock.

Mr and Mrs H S Gates, coal vase.

Mrs Ernest Lack, silver sugar tongs.

Masters Frank and Bert Parkin, brass poker and coal tongs.

Mrs Higgins (Breeze Villa), tray cloth and cheese d'oyley.

Mr and Mrs Charles Smith, scent spray.

Mrs Addison and Mrs Shortland, silver-mounted specimens.

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