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Rushden Echo, 9th April 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Maddock - Haddon

The marriage took place on Saturday, at the Park Road Wesleyan Church, Rushden, of Mr. William Thomas Maddock, only son of Mr. and Mrs. John Maddock, of 56 Grove Road, Rushden, to Miss Florence Kate Haddon, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Haddon, of 8 Robinson Road, Rushden. The Rev. R. Heaps officiated. The bride was for some years a member of the choir of the Park Road Wesleyan Church and a teacher in the Sunday School. The bride, who was given away by her father, was prettily attired in a costume of saxe blue and wore a cream leghorn hat, trimmed with pink roses; she wore a spray of lilies of the valley and white hyacinths. She was accompanied by two bridesmaids, Miss Lily Hensman and Miss Beatrice Smith (Higham Ferrers), who were dressed in navy blue costumes and cream leghorn hats and wore sprays of lilies of the valley and white hyacinths. Mr. Ernest Haddon (brother of the bride) acted as best man.

After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Maddock subsequently left for Brighton where the honeymoon is being spent. The bride’s travelling costume was of navy blue, with hat to match.

Mr. and Mrs. Maddock will reside at the Church Parade shop of Mr. Keller, fruiterer, and will manage the business for him.

The following is a list of the presents:-

Mrs. G. Haddon - household linen and rug

Mr. G. Haddon - clock and brass candlestick

Mrs. J. Maddock - blankets, counterpane and china

Mr. J. Maddock - dining table

Mr. E. Haddon and Miss Cave - toilet set

Mr. L. Haddon and Miss Smith - coal vase

Mr. F. Haddon - china and glassware

Miss L. Hensman - brass candlesticks

Mr. & Mrs. J. Bass - coloured tablecloth

Mr. & Mrs. G. Selwood - dinner knives and forks

Mr. H. & Miss G. Selwood - dessert knives, forks and spoons

Mrs. W. C. Knight - tea knives

Mr. & Mrs. F. Selwood - silver egg cruet

Misses Connie and Irene Selwood - silver-mounted teapot stand

Mr. & Mrs. T. Willmott - cheese dish and cooking utensils

Mr. & Mrs. F. Maddock and family - wicker chair

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Potton - silver sugar scuttle

Mr. & Mrs. F. Parker - set of jugs

Mr. & Mrs. R. Willmott – oak tray

Misses Barber and Source - silver jam dish and spoon

Mr. & Mrs. J. Parker senior - linen tablecloth

Mr. & Mrs. O. Woodman - silver serviette rings

Mr. & Mrs. J. Brown - bath towels

Mr. & Mrs. W. Cave - linen tablecloth

Miss A. Green - glass cakestand and dish

Mr. & Mrs. R and Miss L. Evans - tea service

Mr. & Mrs. B. Keller - overmantle

Mr. Moon, Wellingborough, and Miss Houghton, Rushden - silver spoons

Mr. S. Sargent - case of carvers

Miss N. Clayton, Farnham - silver jam spoon

Miss Atkinson - hand-made bedroom slippers

Mr. & Mrs. A. Tew - kitchen utensils

Mr. & Mrs. A. Groome - linen tablecloth

Miss Hawkins - silver mounted salts

Miss Blanche Marshall, Wellingborough - tea knives

Mrs. W. Hall - curtain hangers

Master Georgie Willmott - glass jug

Mrs. F. Knight - bread knife board

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