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Rushden Men in Canada - 1912
The Rushden and Argus, 30th May, 1930, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Last week’s picture, though of more recent date than the majority we print, mystified many and came as a pleasant surprise to other.

The young men it portrays all hail from Rushden, but the photograph was taken in Canada some 18 years ago. The prize winning letter comes from Mrs. W. Adams, 31 Manton Road, Rushden, who mentioned that the group are assembled outside the house of Mr. Harry George, 14 Ellesworth-avenue, Wychwood, Toronto.

According to our correspondent, Edgar Drage is a Trade Union official, Fred Lickerish a cleaner and presser, Sid George a shoe-foreman, Arthur Linnitt a commissionaire at a bank, Herbert Turney a leather goods foreman, and Walter Stapleton a fancy leather worker. Others are employed in the shoe trade. Mr. Turney resides at the house where the photograph was taken.

Many readers will recognise Herbert Turney, Walter Stapleton, Danny Penn (from Irchester), Bert (?) Britten, Sidney George, Arthur Linnitt and Fred Lickerish, all of whom are in Toronto; Harry George, who has returned to Rushden; Ralph Linnitt, who is visiting Rushden at the present time; Stevie Page living in London, Ontario; Edgar Drage, who is at Preston, Ontario, and the late William (“Bill”) Adams.

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