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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 30th November 1951, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Sarah Mole - lacemaker
Sarah Mole
Christmas presents made on pillow
The Christmas gift problem is solved for 86 years old Mrs. Sarah Mole, of 12, Spinney Close, Rushden, who for years has been making pillow lace and has turned this art into an interesting hobby, which will provide many useful presents for her relatives and friends.

From an early age Mrs. Mole was taught pillow-lace work in the school at her native village of Harrold. “We used to work hard at the craft at school,” she said, “and then we would sell the lace by the yard to a shop in Bedford. I can’t go out much now in the winter, so I sit and make the lace. When I was younger I made lace tablecloths and lace edging for my children’s dresses.”

Mrs. Mole has kept up the art all through her life and has about ten different parchment patterns that have been in use for more than 80 years. She has still her original bone and wooden bobbins, which are engraved with numerous designs and names, and much of her spare time is spent in working delicate lace with deft fingers. Already she has made lace for 16 finely hand-stitched handkerchiefs, which she plans to give away at Christmas.

Sarah Mole with her pillow - lacemaking
“The craft is dying out now in all schools,” said Mrs. Mole. “It costs such a lot for the thread and bobbins. We used to buy a reel of thread for about 10d; now it costs 4s 6d. The bobbins are about 4s each.”

Mrs. Mole, who can also crochet, has in her possession several beautiful crochet-edged tablecloths. She came to Rushden when she was married at the age of 24. Her husband died in 1927 and since then she has lived with her daughter, Miss Gladys Mole.

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