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Rushden Echo, 19th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. Alfred Newell
Worthy Citizen of Rushden
A Well-Known Forester and a Hard-working Baptist

Mr Alfred NewellAfter being connected with the firm of Messrs. John Cave & Sons, boot manufacturers, Rushden, for 43 years, Mr. Alfred Newell, a much respected resident of Rushden, has retired. For the past 22 years he has been the foreman of the heeling department, and his faithful and honest service has been fully recognised by the firm. He has for some years been the oldest employee of the firm.

Mr. Newell is one of the most honoured members of the Rushden Court of the Ancient Order of Foresters. He joined the Court in the year 1885, and has ever since taken a deep and active interest in its work. After filling the offices of Beadle and Woodward of the Court, he was for some years one of the Court Auditors. In 1893 he was elected Sub Chief Ranger, and for two years—1894 and 1895—he was the Chief ranger, receiving a framed certificate on his retirement from that position. On the death of the late Bro. Minney—in 1898—he was unanimously elected to the position of Treasurer of the Court, a position which he still holds, with credit to himself and to the complete satisfaction of the Court. Bro. Newell has attended several District Meetings as a representative of the Court, and as a District delegate he attended the Leeds High Court. Bto. Newell is also Treasurer of the Juvenile Society at Rushden.

As a consistent member of the Park-road Baptist Church, Mr. Newell is deservedly held in high esteem. He joined the church during the ministry of the late Rev. R. E. Bradfield. He has been a Sunday school teacher fort 35 years, receiving some years ago from the Sunday School Union a framed certificate in acknowledgement of 27 years’ service, and last year he received a handsome presentation from the Park-road Baptist Sunday School. The gift comprised two volumes of “Men of the Covenant,” by Alexander Smellie, M.A., D.D., and the inscriptions reads: “Presented to Mr. Alfred Newell on his retirement after 35 years of loving and loyal service as a teacher in the Park-road Baptist Sunday School, Rushden, and as a token of the loving esteem and good wishes of his colleagues in the work. Rev. H. J. Horn, pastor and president. August 1914.” He was also presented with a copy of “Psalms and Hymns.”

Mr. Newell’s eldest son, Mr. Samuel Newell, served as a medical corporal in the South African War in Baden Powell’s Police Force, and was also captain of the Boys’ Brigade at Earls Barton. At present Mr. Samuel Newell is in Brisbane, Australia, where he is doing well. On leaving for Australia he was presented with a fitted travelling case, and was spoken of in very high terms by the Rev. R. A. Selby and Mr. Porter, of Earls Barton.

Mr. Alfred Newell’s third son, Mr. Leonard Newell, has served 18 years with the firm of Messrs. John Cave and Sons, making a total of over 60 years for father and son a very noteworthy record.

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