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Rushden Echo & Argus, 17th March 1950, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. William L. Beetenson
Many at Rushden Funeral - Mr. William L. Beetenson

Mr Beetenson
Mr Beetenson - 1937
CIVIC life and the Masonic brotherhood were represented on Wednesday at the funeral of Mr. William Lewis Beetenson, formerly Clerk to Rushden Urban Council, who died on Saturday at his residence, 283, Wellingborough Rd, Rushden.

A service was held at Rushden St. Mary's Church, where the Rector (Rev. E. A. Green) officiated, assisted by the Rev. J. Boatwright, with Mr. Cyril Cave at the organ. The interment, with Masonic tributes, followed at the Rushden cemetery.

The principal mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. G. M. R. Pearson (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs. T. Burrows, Mrs. A. Morgan, Mr. G. S. Sanders, Mr. F. Green, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. E. Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. L. Phillips, and Mrs. Dickens, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. A. Beetenson, of Grimsby (brother and sister-in-law) were unable to attend owing to illness.


Rushden Urban Council was represented by Councillors J. Allen, W. Sawford J. T. Richardson, H. Waring, E. A. Sugars, E. E. Newell, Mrs. A. Muxlow, Mrs. A. Rowthorn and Mrs. W. M. Lean, with Mr. A. G. Crowdy (Clerk) and Mr. H. C. Allen (Housing Manager). Apologies for absence were sent by the Chairman (Coun. W. E. Capon) and Coun. A. H. Bailey.

Freemasons in attendance were:
Messrs. H. Knight (W. M. Pemberton Lodge), O. A. H. Muxlow, G. S. North, E. Linnitt, R. R. Brown, S. C. Brightwell, A. G. Larkinson, C. J. Desborough, H. Mackness, W. Brawn, W. S. Gilbert W. Peck, L. Woodley, J. D. Bugby, B. R. Palmer, P. W. Wills, J. S. Brown, A. T. Nichols, F. J. Felce (Pemberton Lodge), A. E. Ireland and L. W. Edwards (Hatton Lodge).

Others present included Messrs. R. A. Evans. J. S. Dod and W. I. Hankins (Messrs. Simpson and Mason, solicitors), with Mrs. H. Ladds and Mrs. J. Ellson (former members of the staff), Dr. D. A. McCracken (Deputy County Medical Officer), Mr. W. Wilson (Clerk to Wellingborough U. D.C.), Mr. H. C. Horton (former Clerk to Wellingborough R.D.C.), Mr. J. Roe, Mr. A. L. Sanders, Mr. Walter C. Tarry, Mr. H. S. Hall, Mr. T. W. Cox, Mr. J. A. Blunt, Mr. C. H. Blunsom, Mrs. W. M. Burkitt, Mrs. Gillett, Mr. J. W. Reynolds, Miss W. M. Clipson, Mrs. E. Shelton, Mr. E. H. Forrester, Mr. A. T. Chambers, Mr. A. P. Martin (Conservative Club), Mr. J. S. Taylor, Mr. L. G. Gardner, Mr. J. Edwards, Mr . B. V. Page, Mrs. L. Underwood and Mrs. A. M. Page.

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