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The Rushden Echo, 21st September, 1923, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Death of Mr. Amos Cave
A Leading Resident of Rushden

An Inventor of Boot and Shoe Machinery

  To the deep sorrow of his family, relatives, and friends, the death occurred on Monday, at 173 High-street, Rushden, of Mr. Amos Cave, aged 71.  Mr. Cave had been failing in health for two years, being very much worse during the past six weeks.  For the greater part of last week he had lain unconscious, and his end came very peacefully.

  Deceased was the second son of Mr. John Cave (the founder of the great firm of boot manufacturers, Messrs. John Cave and Sons) and Mrs. Cave.  Mr. Amos Cave became a director in the firm (which, with but one other firm, practically made the town of Rushden).  Deceased was ever a quiet and retiring man, but none the less took a great interest in the welfare of the employees.  He also saw the possibilities of progress by new ideas in machine construction, and was the inventor of several machines now in almost world-wide use.  Thus it was largely through Mr. Amos Cave that the firm, one of the biggest in the county and employing hundreds of operatives in and out of the town, kept abreast of the times.  The disastrous fire on a July day over 20 years ago caused a temporary setback, but the fine new factory in College-street was eventually erected and equipped, although other business men acquired the main interests.  Mr. Amos Cave was the founder, with help from Mr. M. T. Denn and Mr. A. Picken, of the Standard Rotary Company, with modern premises in College-street and Duck-street (since changed to the Gimson Shoe Machinery Company).  He also controlled the Wearproof Leather Company in Alfred-street (now in the hands of Mr. R. P. Cave).

  The late Mr. Amos Cave never sought or held public office, being of a very reserved temperament. He married Miss Spong, sister of Ald. Spong (who died some years ago from a tragic shooting accident) and daughter of Ald. James Spong, of Higham Ferrers. Both Mr. and Mrs. Amos Cave used to attend Park-road Baptist Church as long as health permitted. Beside the widow, Mr. Cave leaves two sons and three daughters, Mr. J. E. Cave, Mr. R. P. Cave, Mrs. Cusack (in America), Mrs. Bland, (of Wellingborough), and Miss W. Cave (Lady Superintendent of the Rushden St. John Nursing Division). The brothers and sisters of the deceased are Mr. Arthur Cave (Rushden), Mr. Fred Cave (Birmingham), Mrs. Duplock (Liverpool), and Mrs. Sherwood (Basingstoke).

The Funeral

  The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, the Rev. J. A. Sutherland officiating both at the service in the house and at the graveside. The family mourners were Mr. R. P. Cave, Mr. Arthur Cave, Mr. J. M. Cave, and Mr. R. Bland, with them being Mr. G. S. Mason (family solicitor) and Mr. W. E. Capon (managing director, Messrs. John Cave and Sons, Ltd.). The coffin was borne to its last resting-place by Messrs. A. J. Sumpter (of the Wearproof Leather Company), J. K. Skinner, W. Throssell, and Q. Whitworth (employees of Messrs. John Cave and Sons Ltd.). Amongst others present at the cemetery were Messrs. Reg Norman (representing the office staff of the Wearproof Leather Company). J. Cave, F. E. Preston, Geo. Denton, sen., R. Denton, G. H. Groome, W. H. Darnell, B. Vorley, G. White, C. E. Bayes, R. Marriott, Owen Robinson  (Kettering), Oliver Claridge, T. Algernon Baker, Herbert Lack, T. Wilmott, J. S. Clipson, and First Officer Miss Clipson.

  The coffin, of unpolished oak with brass fittings, bore the inscription: “Amos Cave, Died 17 September, 1923, Aged 71.” Placed on the coffin and lowered with it into the grave was a wreath with the inscription: “To our dearest one, from his sorrowing Wife and Winnie.” The grave had been lined with blue asters, white statices, and ivy on a white background. Other wreaths placed on the grave were from Muriel, Roy, and grandson Dick; from Jack, Reg, and Ella, and grandchildren Peggy, Dudley, and Mary; from Nell and Aiden (Montreal, Canada); from Sidney and Emily; from Arthur, Alice, Ethel, Doris, and Constance; from the directors, John Cave and Sons, Ltd.; from the employees, Wearproof  Leather Company; from Mr. and Mrs. H. Brawn; from Fred, Aggie, and family; from Mrs. Wills and family; from John and Patty; from Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Groome; from Mr. and Mrs. R. Marriott; from Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe; from Miss E. Bland; from Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Claridge; from Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Mason; from Mr. and Mrs. James F. Knight; from Mr. and Mrs. T. Algernon Baker; from Mr. and Mrs. G. Denton; from Mr. and Mrs. Farmer; and from Mrs. J. S. Sherwood (Bishopstoke).

  Mr. T. Swindall and Sons carried out the funeral arrangements.

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