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Rushden Echo & Argus, 13th May 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr Joseph Knight, Rushden

We regret to repot the death, which occurred early on Sunday morning, of Mr Joseph Knight, principal of the firm of Messrs. Joseph Knight Ltd., boot and shoe manufacturers, York-road, Rushden, at his home at “Rosemount,” Irchester Road, Rushden. Mr Knight was 76 years of age and had enjoyed excellent health until early in the year, when bronchitis and influenza left him rather weak. He spent Easter at Bournemouth, but was not able to go out after his return, and had been slowly sinking during the last fortnight.

Joseph KnightMr Knight was a native of Rushden, and as a young man took work from the boot factories, establishing his own business 50 years ago in a small factory at the rear of the Feathers Inn (High-street). The business afterwards removed to Victoria-road, and 24 years ago to York-road, becoming a limited company in 1925. Mr A W Adams is now left as sole director.

Mr Knight was long associated with the Independent Wesleyan Church, and with work or gifts supported various branches of the church; but his keenest labours were on the temperance side, and for many years he was an accepted stalwart of the Temperance Society—usually holding the office of treasurer—and Band of Hope Union. Several years ago his zeal for temperance teaching led him into the thick of lively controversy which arose at the old Church Army Social Centre. Mr Knight was a vice-president of the Rushden Temperance Society, on the executive of the County Band of Hope Union, and at one time a director of the Rushden Waverley hotel.

Mr Knight was a good host on those occasions when he opened the grounds of his residence for garden parties, and even in recent years liked to join with his guests in a game of tennis. He often lent his courts for tournaments, and visitors always noted his pride in his garden, for gardening was one of his great hobbies, and he was a specialist in business.

In sporting occupations Mr Knight showed a degree of vitality that often amazed his friends. As a young man he kept goal for the Rushden Town Hockey Club, and was acknowledged to be a skilful player. For many years he was an enthusiastic follower of the hounds, and rode on horseback to most of the local meets. When he ceased to use a horse he followed the hunt by car, and his last sporting journey was to the point-to-point meeting at Riseley this year. He was equally fond of shooting and had a reputation of being a remarkably good shot. At tennis also he could hold his own with many younger men and played the game throughout the summer of 1931.

The widow, who is Mr Knight’s second wife, is left with two sons and four daughters.

The Funeral

The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, when a brief service was held at the house, prior to the interment at the cemetery. The Rev C J Keeler, minister of the Independent Wesleyan Church, conducted both services.

The grave which was of double depth, was brick lined, the upper section being draped with white cotton wool on which was hung ivy, red and yellow tulips and doronicums. Moss had been placed around the top of the grave.

The family mourners were: Mrs Knight (widow), Mr Howard Knight and Master Billy Knight (sons), Misses Margaret, Frances, Jessie and Mary Knight (daughters), Mrs Dickens (sister), Mr Charles Knight and Mr Tom Knight (brothers), Mr F S Knight (cousin), Mr H Knight (nephew), Mrs W Knight, Mrs R Cunningham and Miss May Child (nieces), Miss Lily Knight (cousin), Mr and Mrs Goosey, Leeds (nephew and niece), Mrs Ettes (sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs F W Shorley, Mr and Mrs E H Shorley (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law), Mr O A H Muxlow, Mr C W Wing, Mr F Adams (director of Messrs Joseph Knight Ltd.) and Mrs T Wells (friends).

Among those present at the cemetery were Mr W H Darnell (brother-in-law), Mr and Mrs A Wilmott, Mr W Lack (representing the Independent Wesleyan Church), Mr F W Knight (nephew), the Rev T S Stoney, President, Mr J T Bettles, Secretary, Mr S Smith, Mr W Desborough, Mr E Wrighton, Mr F S Knight, Mr J T Mackness, Mr A Wright, Mrs A Clayton, Mrs H Cox and Mrs Stapleton (representing the Rushden Temperance Society), Mr J Sykes, Mr W Bates, Mr J Hornsby, Mr H Selwood, Mr C Claridge, Mr J Spencer, J.P., and Mr R Tusting (friends), Mr C Skeeles, of Messrs F Skeeles and Co. Ltd., Mr T Sanders, of Messrs Sanders and Sanders, Mr P Crawshaw, of Messrs Kitchen Conyers and Co. Ltd., Mr F J White, of Messrs H W Chapman Ltd., Mr F W Goodfellow, of Kettering, Mr C Webb, of Messrs Tebbitt Bros Ltd., London, Mr A Hurst, of the British United Shoe Machinery Co Ltd., Mr W H Pingstone, of Messrs Phipps and Son Ltd., Mr Bull, of Messrs Stevens and Son, Mr J T Mackness, representing the Rechabites, Mr W Desborough, representing the Band of Hope Union, and others.

The employees of Messrs Joseph Knight Ltd., also attended, and the route from the home to the cemetery was made to include York-road, so that the cortege passed the deceased gentleman’s business premises.

The wreaths were inscribed:-

In loving rememberance from his sorrowing wife and Howard and Margaret, “Until the day breaks”; To darling daddy, from Frances, Jessie and Mary, “Lest we forget”; Kind remembrance, from the gardener and his little helper, Billy, to his dear daddy; With deepest sympathy, from Mrs F Shorley; From Mrs W C Knight and family, “At rest”; In loving memory and sincere sympathy, from his sister Adelaide and nieces, Islip; In remembrance of Uncle, from sons and daughters of his brother Arthur; In loving memory, from brother Charles; Deepest sympathy, Mrs G Selwood, Harry and Grace; In ever loving memory, from his sister Emily, Bert and family, “At rest”; In loving memory, from Mr and Mrs W Shorley and family; In loving memory, from Tan, Deborah and family; In ever-loving memory, from Mr and Mrs E Knight and family; Kind remembrances, from F S and A Knight; In kind remembrance, from Fred and Mrs Wheeler; From Mr and Mrs Wells and family, with deepest sympathy, St Albans; Remembrance, from Mrs Prigmore; In loving memory, from Cyril and Flo; In Deepest sympathy, from Bert, Ada, Gordon and Madge; With deepest sympathy, from Mr and Mrs A Clarke, Jocelyn and Audrey; In affectionate remembrance, from Beatie and Dan, Leeds; With deepest sympathy, from Mrs L Skeeles; A token of grateful remembrance, for the service of a faithful and valiant worker in the cause of Temperance; With deepest sympathy, from the officers of Rushden Temperance Society; For remembrance, from the staff and employees at the Factory; With deepest sympathy, from Mr and Mrs C Potton; In grateful memory, from the Thursday tennis players, Messrs Tilley, Fortescue, Clarke, Blunt and J Hall; In remembrance of the Mission Cricket Club, vice-president of the Club for 20 years; In deepest sympathy, from Mr and Mrs E H Shorley; With grateful memories and deepest sympathy, R A and R C Cunnington.

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