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Dick Pantling
Rushden's Heavyweight Boxer
Dick Pantling
Dick Pantling
6'6" tall weighing in at 18 stones
Dick was a heavyweight boxer who was active during the 1930s, the Second World War cutting short his career when he joined the RAF. His fighting weight was 18 stones and with a height of 6 feet 6 inches he was a pretty big guy to climb into a ring with. He had been a friend of my late father's since their youth and would occasionally drop in to see us on one of his visits to Rushden. By this time Dick was a huge guy of well over 20 stones with fists the size of hams and surprisingly, considering his size, he was a pilot for BOAC.

Research on Dick's career has been hard but have been able to glean the following:-

During the 1930s he had 15 bouts altogether. On two occasions he fought at Leeds against Albert Edward Robinson. The first of these fights was on the 21st of May 1939 and Dick lost on a Technical Knockout in the 2nd round. His return fight with Robinson was on the 11th of June 1939 when he was knocked out in the 9th round.

His manager was the late George Biddles of the Star and Garter hotel, Derby. George went on to manage two other well known British Heavyweight boxers, Jack Bodell and Richard Dunne.

Anthony Bathurst November2008

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