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Miss Edith Sartoris - Mr. Alfred Eugene Craven

Wellingborough & Kettering News, July 23rd, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

Marriage of Miss Edith Sartoris

Rushden will long remember Wednesday, the 20th of July, for on that day Miss Edith Sartoris, second daughter of Mr. Fredk. U. Sartoris, of the Hall, was married to Mr. Alfred Eugene Craven, F.R.G.S., of London. The Church was very prettily decorated for the occasion with white flowers. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Canon Barker, rector of Rushden, assisted by the Rev. Sir F. L. Robinson, Bart., rector of Cranford, near Kettering, and the Rev. Studholme Brownrigg, rector of Crawley, Beds. A wedding march, composed especially for the occasion by Mr. J. E. Smith (the organist) was played by him at the marriage. He was assisted during the ceremony by Mr. Diemer.

The bride was dressed in a brocaded plush trimmed with pearl trimmings. She wore a long tullé veil looped up with diamond and pearl spray, and a necklet of pearls and diamonds, and carried in her hand a large bouquet of orange flowers and stephanotis. The bridesmaids were Miss Sartoris (the bride's sister), and Miss Eyre Coote. Miss Sartoris wore an apricot brocade bodice, with Valenciennes lace down the front and drapings of lndian gauze at the back. Miss Eyre Coote wore the same in blue. Each of the bridesmaids wore large white hats trimmed with yellow roses and lace, and carried a splendid bouquet of flowers, and a painted fan with the name of the bride and bridegroom on the handle, both the gift of the bridegroom. The Hon. Reginald Brougham acted as best man. The way from the porch of the church to the carriage was covered with carpet, and when the happy pair left the sacred edifice flowers were strewn in their path by children from the schools.

The wedding breakfast was provided in a large marquee in the grounds, and the guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Seawell, Miss Pratt, Messrs. A. and E. Pratt, Canon Pratt, the Rev. Sir F. L. and Lady Robinson, Mrs. H. Evans Gordon, Miss Eyre Coote, Mr. and Mrs. Birch, Mr. and Mrs. Arkwright, Messrs. F. and H. Arkwright, Hon. Alfred Sartoris, Mrs. Rawstorne, Miss Arbuthnot, Canon and Mrs. Barker, the Misses Barker, Miss Hume, Mr., Mrs., and Miss R. Orlebar, Mr. Campbell Praed, Hon. Reginald Brougham, Mr. E. Bovill, Mr. Streatfield, Mr. S. Brownrigg, Mr. Armine Thornton, Mr. H. Sartoris, Mr. Essex Reade, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Diemer, and Mr. F. Pratt.

The Rushden National School Band, under the leadership of Mr. Geo. Bacon, were stationed in the Park, and played the folio wing programme:—Grand march, "The Wedding," (Mendelssohn); overture, "Hugomont," (Batman); valse, "Queen of the May," (W. V. Scholes); fantasia, "Torquato Tasso," (Donizetti); quadrille, "Les Hussars de France," (Musard); chorus, "Hallelujah," (Handel); Grand march, "The Wedding," (Mendelssohn); selection, "Martha," (Flotow); mazurka, "The Rose Queen," (Suppe); glee, "The Chough and Crow," (Bishop); grand selection, "Il Trovatore," (Verdi); overture, "Italiana in Algieri," (Rossini); '”God save the Queen."

After breakfast, the happy pair (followed by numerous old shoes), were driven to Irchester Station, departing thence by the 3.34 train to London, en route for Switzerland, where they will spend their honeymoon. The bride wore a travelling dress of cream sateene, with hat to match.

The following is a list of the gifts presented to the bridegroom :—Comte de Baillet (stepfather of the bridegroom), a gold watch; Comtesse de Baillet (mother of the bridegroom), Buhl clock and mahogany shell cabinet; Miss Craven, writing desk; Mrs. Moultrie, loving cup; Miss Moultrie, penholder and seal; Mr. Whitehead, silver salver; Mrs. Owen, claret jug; Mr. Bovill, liqueur stand and bottles; Mrs. Streatfield, Algerian brass salver; Mrs. Wielding Jones, old oak cake table; Mrs. Kean, tortoise shell cigarette case; Mr. Ricardo, cruet stand; Mr. E. Bovill, silver and wood mug. The presents to the bride, of which the following is a list, with the names of the donors, were both numerous and costly: Comte et Countesse Baillet, gold necklace and bracelets to match, pearl and diamond necklet, bracelet sapphires, pearls, diamonds, ditto rubies pearls, diamonds, plated Bijou tea service; Mr. Frederick Sartoris, pearl and diamond spray; Mrs. Frederick Sartoris, set of antique pearl ornaments, silver sugar basin and spoon; Miss Craven, coral ornaments, ormulu candlesticks and inkstand, two antique fans; Mr. Craven, old point lace; Marquise de l'Aigle, aluminium opera glasses, set of furs, diamond and ruby ring; Mr. Sartoris, old Sheffield urn; Mr. and Hon. Mrs. A. Sartoris, gold and pearl necklet and pendant; Mr. C. Sartoris, gold bracelet set with diamond spray; Mr. J. Sartoris, leather photograph screen; Mr. Maitland Sartoris, marquiterie writing table and silver tea caddy; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sartoris, silver coffee pot; Miss Florence Sartoris, travelling clock; Miss Evelyn Sartoris, gold and pearl ring ; Mr. F. C. Sartoris, silver tea kettle; Mrs. Tunno, gold bracelet; Miss Tunno, antique filagree ornament; Miss A. Tunno, Brussels lace flounces; Dowager Viscountess Barrington, jewelled spider; the Rev. Sir F. L. and Lady Robinson, pair of silver candlesticks; Lady Robinson, antique pearl tie brooch; Lady Cardross, feather fan; Hon. Mrs. C. Vivian, envelope case and portfolio; Miss Arbuthnot, ring; Mrs. Rawstorne, silver tea pot; Hon. R Brougham, silver cream jug; Mrs. O. Reden and Miss Hambu, silver smelling bottle; Col. Fitzgerald, gold cross; Mrs. L. Fletcher, china vase; Mr. and Mrs. J. Orlebar, work bag; Miss Eyre Coote, glass bowl; Mrs. Soarnes, Venetian glass; Miss Ascher, pair of glass vases; Mr. and Mrs. H. Bagnall, silver patch box; Mr. and Mrs. Arkwright, silver inkstand; Mr. Herbert and Miss Arkwright, small silver cruet stand; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Birch, pair of silver muffineers; Mr. and Mrs. Seawell, antique silver goblet and cover; Mrs. Clarke Jervoise and Miss M. Stopford Sackville, antique silver patch box; Mrs. Farley, china vase; General Mills, ornamental shoe horn; Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Praed, antique silver salver; Mr. and Lady Jane Repton, Dresden china basket; Mrs. Orlebar, china tea set; the Misses Orlebar, china vases; Mrs. S. Brownrigg, glass bowl; Mrs. Woodin, Mrs. Mountjoy, and Mr. Pettit, wheelbarrow inkstand; Mr. Essex Reade, gold pencil case; Mrs. Stopford Sackville, antique gold snuff box; Mrs. Streatfield, case of knives; Mrs. Currie and Mr. W. R. Currie, silver pincushion; Mr. Armine Thornton, silver gilt candlesticks; Mr. A. Tunnard, gold patch box; Mrs. Smyth, pair of brass girandoles; Mr. Arthur Pratt, pair of brass candlesticks; Miss Mills, china vase; Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, silver cream jug; Miss Pratt, photograph stand; Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, flower vase; Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt, leather envelope case and portfolio with silver mounts; the Hon. Mrs. Magniac, Ormulu and Dresden china paper knife; Mr. H. P. Birch, white china dumb waiter; Mr. Ellwood, white china figure; Lady St. John, gold and silver lotus vase; Mr. Smith, Hymns Ancient and Modern; Mrs. J. Clayton and family, olive wood inkstand; Mrs. Reah, copper tea kettle; Mrs. G. Packwood, glass flower vases; Mr. and Mrs. F. Pratt, white china ornament; Mr. Diemer, brass inkstand and candlesticks; General Brownrigg, crystal and gold bottles in case; Mrs. Barker, cut crystal scent bottle with antique silver stopper; Mr. Barker, silver smelling bottle; the Misses Barker, hydranja flower vase; Dowager Lady St. John, marble plate; Mrs. Williams and Miss Coke, Derby tea service; Mr. and Mrs. Callander, Venetian glass liqueur set; Mrs. Hulatt, letter scales; Miss Mary Ann Childs, woollen flowers; Mrs. Denton, Northamptonshire lace; "From many loving Rushden friends,'' Bible with silver clasp, and pair of brass piano candlesticks; servants at Rushden Hall, pair of sugar baskets with spoons; Mrs. Sarah Bland, cheese knife; Miss Eva Robinson, china flower vases; Hon. Mrs. A. Egerton, antique silver pen tray; Miss Watson Taylor, old silver patch box; Mr. Chas. Lewis, brass inkatand; Mrs. Blake way, china vases; Mr. and Mrs. Scockdale, brass writing set; Mrs. J. Duberly and Mr. Arthur Thornton, writing set; Mrs. Jane Scroxton, pair of large vases; Mr. Thornton, silver gilt apostle spoons; Mr. Lawley, embroidered cushion; Mr. MacDonnell, sandal wood work box; Mr. Sartoris's tenants, silver salver; Mrs. Wiggins, Northamptonshire lace; Mrs. Sharp, glass vases; Mrs. Richard Orlebar, book of etchings; Mrs. Mackworth Dolben, old china; Captain Frank Arkwright, silver sugar basin; Mr. F. Pym, thick gold bangle; Mr. Hervey, antique fan; Mr. Maddon Pratt, brass candlesticks.

Wellingborough & Kettering News, July 30th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Marriage of Miss Edith Sartoris—On Saturday afternoon the little girls who strewed flowers at the wedding of Miss Edith Sartoris were entertained to tea in the Rectory Grounds by the Rev. Canon and Mrs. Barker. After tea games were played until dusk, when each little maid was presented with a card to commemorate the event.

Festive Party

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