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Julia Warren (nee Skipper), 2012
Frank Skipper
1944 Frank with father-in-law Stanley Brooks in uniform
Stanley Brooks & Florence with Julia - 11 Tennyson Road 1945
Lancashire soldier marries Pauline Brooks Rushden girl

Frank Frank & Pauline in Egypt
Frank in Egypt
Frank & Pauline - April 10th 1944
Frank in Egypt - Nov 1944

After their marriage in 1944 Frank and Pauline lived with Mr and Mrs Brooks and their son Colin, at Tennyson Road, Rushden, because Frank was serving overseas in the Tank Regiment in Egypt.

When Frank left the army he decided to live in Rushden, where he trained at nightschool for the boot and shoe industry to become a clicker, after being offered a job as a leather dresser with a small business.

Julia their daughter was born the following year, on May 1st 1945, and they continued to live with Pauline's parents until Frank got his City and Guilds in footwear. Anthony their second son was born in 1949, also on May 1st so he and his sister shared birthdays.

dad and children
Frank with children Anthony & Julia
At this stage things became cramped at the home they shared with their in-laws, so Frank moved the family to Desborough as he was offered a job at Groocock's factory there. They rented a house that belonged to Pauline's aunty who lived next door.

Whilst living in Desborough, Frank and Pauline had another daughter - her name was Maureen she was born on 3rd October 1952. Julia attend the infant school in Desborough until she reached 10 years old, when Frank was offered a job back in Rushden at Knight and Lawrence.

Stanley Brooks (left) and the Skipper family
Frank, Julia, Pauline, Maureen, & Anthony outside 30 Church Hall Road
Frank asked a small local builder, Danny Davis, if he could build a house for him at 30 Churchall Road. Julia stayed at her grandmother's so she could continue to go to Alfred Street School. Unfortunately when Frank had only just started work in his new job he got appendicitis at the time workers didn't get any help - if they were ill they didn't get paid.

Fortunately for the family the workers liked Frank very much and they came to see Pauline and emptied a collection of money on the kitchen table. What a lovely gesture - how kind Rushden people can be.

Anthony went to school at Tennyson Road and Maureen went to school at South End junior.

Frank and Pauline also fostered Sidney Clarke, a young lad 12 years-old, who had been at Eastfield Children's home, and after many earlier placings, and he settled down with the Skipper family. Sidney also joined the scouts with his foster brother Anthony.

Frank & Pauline Pauline Tony and Sidney Maureen Sidney
Frank & Pauline outside 30 Church Hall Road
Anthony Skipper and Sidney Clarke in the Scouts in 1961
Maureen was in 'Babes in the Wood' by the 'RATS' in 1963
Sidney Clarke 1964

Proud dad with Julia
Later Julia attended Hayway school for girls, then went to work at the Co-operative store in the High Street under manager Freddie Langley. Anthony worked for Hayden builders, and Maureen worked at Williams the jewellers, in Midland Road Wellingborough.

Julia married Tony Warren at St Mary's Church, Rushden on 11th July 1964.

By then, the boot and shoe industry was suffering due to foreign imports and many shoemen became redundant, and through this, Frank moved to Sudborough and Wood in Wellingborough.

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