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Rushden Argus, 2nd January 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Treat to the Poorer Children
Happy Young 'Uns
The poorer children of Rushden on Thursday had the 'time of their lives.' They ate, they drank, they shouted, they were amused and in all to repletion.

Mr. E. J. Woolston was the Trojan whose labours, supplement by many willing helpers, brought about this satisfactory state of affairs. He carried out a fine entertainment, and thus obtained funds for Thursday's festivities.

As a result 436 youngsters were entertained to a substantial tea in the Public Hall. The ladies and gentlemen responsible for the comfort of the young guests were: Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Woolston, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robshaw Brook, Mr. E. Burton, Mr. T. Neville, Mrs. S. Langham, Mrs. F. King, and Mrs. W. Freeman.

After tea the room was cleared, and games and races of various kinds were heartily engaged in. Mr Cyril Topham gave selections on the tubular bells and a Japanese fiddle. Afterwards each child received an orange and a bag of sweets.

The following children were successful in the games:- Musical chairs, James Harper and May Wrighton; orange race (boys over eight), R. Hobbs; (girls over eight), Olive Watts; (girls under eight), Beatrice Warren; (boys under eight), Walter Wiggins. Singing contest, Emily Lewin and Fred Ellen.

Mrs. E. J. Woolston presented the prizes and Mr. E. J. Woolston presided at the piano.

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