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Mr & Mrs G R Turner
Registrar & Deputy Registrar 1885 - 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Turner were natives of London, and their wedding place at Putney Church, Surrey, on August 26, 1874. They came to Rushden on March 31, 1885, Mr. Turner having been appointed Relieving Officer to the Wellingborough Board of Guardians and Registrar of Births and Deaths in Rushden and the neighbouring villages. Mr. Turner held these positions until his retirement in 1924, and his wife was Deputy Registrar for the same period. He was also a fire-fighter, Volunteer Force officer, and sportsman.

Rushden Echo Friday 4th December 1914, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Man in South Africa - Mr. G. C. Turner After the Rebels
Rebellion Will Not Last Long - The Effect of Home Rule

Mr. Geo. Chas. Turner (son of Mr. G. R. Turner of Rushden), who went to South Africa during the Boer War, writes home a very interesting letter on his recent experiences. Formerly in the old Bucks Yeomanry, he joined Baden Powell'€™s Police in South Africa and he has been in the country ever since. He was a member of Lord Milner'€™s Body guard and has now joined a volunteer regiment, which uses its own equipment. In the course of his letter he says:-

"€œLast week I was called up to chase some rebels. We left here on Thursday night and arrived home on Saturday night. Did 160 miles on horseback, marching day and night. Unfortunately we did not catch them. I arrived home very tired and dirty but I don't feel any the worse for the outing. Perhaps you would like my opinion of the rebellion here, and how long it will last. The Boers are a very ignorant class of people and will finish just as quick as they started. I hear that the Germans want to make a visit to England. Well there'€™s no harm in wanting. I want to get there too and I know who has a better chance.

It is the opinion of British people in South Africa that, if the English had been in the majority in the South African Parliament, the Boer Rebellion would have been a much more serious affair; but the Boers being in the ascendancy in the legislature, with General Botha as Prime minister, the vast majority of Boers are loyal to the British Crown."

With Mr. Turner are others from this district including Mr. Chas. Saxby formerly of Irchester.

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