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Mr. Horace Valvona
Rushden Echo, Friday 5th January 1962, transcribed by Kay Collins

An Award for Mr. H Valvona
Mr. F. C. Astle suggested that Rushden and Higham Ferrers Road Safety Committee should put forward the name of Mr. Horace Valvona, the county road safety organiser, for an award presented by two large petroleum companies to the person who contributes the most every year to road safety children.

"He takes a special interest in the developments of road safety for children in the county," Mr. Astle commented at Monday's meeting. "He is doing an excellent job; he has trained a cycling team—from Rushden Secondary Modern Girls' School—and made strenuous efforts to have the cycling proficiency test introduced, despite opposition."

He did not think it would be amiss for the committee to forward Mr. Valvona's name to the county road safety committee, so that he could be recommended for the award,

(Mr. Valvona was unable to attend the committee meeting: he rang Mr. A. G. Crowdy, the secretary, earlier in the day to explain that he could not leave Northampton because of weather conditions).

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