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John White - Autobiography
John White at home Funeral sheet
John White
With his wfie Nancy at Ferrers Mere
He died in 1974 aged 89 years

Rushden Echo, 14th March 1969, transcribed by Kay Collins

Fascinating story of John White

The initial print order for “KB” – keep believing – the John White autobiography is for 25,000 copies. The book is not for sale, but it will be seen by people all over the world. However, there will be many people in Northamptonshire – the heart of the country’s footwear industry – who will not have an opportunity to read the book. That is where we step in.

This is a fascinating story of a fascinating man ... a man who started a shoe empire in a back garden shed with £100 capital. When he retired some seven years ago the bank manger was able to say to him: “Mr. White you are a millionaire”.

Any self-made millionaire has a story to tell and starting today on page 4 you can read the first instalment of a three part edited version of “keep believing”.

Today’s serial gives people an indication of the young John White – his family upbringing – strict and religious – and the nature of the shoe industry at that time before the turn of century right up to 1919, the year he took the great plunge.

Next week’s story deals with the problems he had to face and gives one a glimpse of the businessman who gambled high for success and won.

Order your copy now.

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