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Bedfordshire Times and Independent, 20th September 1901, transcribed by Susan Manton

The Rev. John Wood

An Interesting Clergyman

The Rev. John Wood, clerk in holy Orders, who was summoned at Llandudno at the insistance of the Town Clerk, for causing a crowd to assemble on the promenade and for making a collection, has been recently residing at Wymington, whither he intends to return. Mr. Wood has been in the habit of lecturing on the foreshore of Llandudno for the past three seasons and it was with the object of going on a lecturing tour that the gentleman left the village a few weeks ago. Last year the Llandudno Town Council applied to the High Court for an injunction against him but this was refused. The judge said, however, that under their lease from the Woods and Forest Department the council could refuse the use of the beach to anyone except for the purpose of sailing and fishing. Mr. Wood was therefore forcibly removed but this method being unsatisfactory he was proceeded against for obstruction and ordered to pay the costs. Refusing to pay he was removed to gaol. It is expected that his friends will pay the fine.

Mr. Wood, who has a fine physique is 68 years of age. He came to this district about 12 months ago having bought 12 acres of land on the Court Estate, Rushden. The rev. gentlemen resided first at Souldrop and then removed to the coach house at Benecroft Grange. The rev. gentleman told the writer that out of 18 tramps he had employed on his land only one was any good and he was decoyed in a fellow tramp. These tramps, he said, preferred to walk between Rushden and Bedford rather than work and have the best of living. Mr. Wood attired in his full clerical garb has been a familiar figure in farming circles, regularly attending the markets in the district and following agricultural pursuits, even to manure cart. Four months ago Mr. Wood removed to Wymington. Latterly Mr. Wood had been engaged horsebreaking and had several very fine horses of which animals he is an excellent judge. Prior to leaving Wymington, Mr. Wood gave an address in High Street, where he thrilled his hearers with his eloquence. He is a fine preacher and a sociable and genial personality. The whole district will be interested to hear of his welfare.

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