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Boot & Shoe Trades Journal 1916
British United Shoe Machinery Co. Ltd
Union Works, Leicester

THE Company was formed in 1899 to acquire the businesses previously carried on in the United Kingdom by the United Shoe Machinery Company, of Boston, U.S.A., and by Pearson & Bennion, of Leicester England, and has since also acquired other similar businesses amongst which being the English & American Machinery Company, Ltd., the Union Boot & Shoe Machinery Company Ltd, Jackson & Pochin, Ltd., etc.

The Company was originally formed with a Capital of £500,000 divided into 100,000 Preference Shares of £1 each and 200.000 Ordinary Shares of £1 each, which capital has since been increased from time to time and is now £800,000 divided into 400,000 6% Accumulative Preference Shares of £1 each and 400,000 Ordinary Shares of £1 each.

The Company's Freehold Land alone covers an area of upwards of 6 acres: the Works are of an up-to-date character, under best sanitary conditions, substantially built.

The Company has Depots at the following Boot Manufacturing Centres in the United Kingdom:-

London, Northampton, Kettering, Leeds, Norwich, Stafford, Bristol, Glasgow, Dublin, Waterfoot, Rushden & Barwell.

The total Employees are approximately 2,500.

The Shoe and Leather and Allied Trades – News, 26th October, 1916.

British United Shoe Machinery Company, Ld. - New Premises at Rushden

THE British United Shoe Machinery Company, Ltd., have for some time realised that the premises at Station Approach, Rushden, were totally inadequate to meet the demand upon their resources owing to the large growth of the business of the company in this district. The new building, which is just completed, is architecturally very much on the lines of the main district office in Kettering. The building occupies about ten times the area of the old premises, and is situated on the Midland Road, Rushden.

new building
The new building in Midland Road
The major portion of the building is devoted to a warehouse, in which provision has been made for the stock of some 9,000 different types of machine parts. This added to another stock of upwards of 200 types of accessories and metallic goods, will give some idea of the stock which is held by the company in this sub-depot.

The stock, as is the case in all the other depots of the company, in maintained at its normal minimum by a system of daily replacements according to the daily sales.

This system is considerably handicapped at present owing to the War, but every effort is made with a view to causing as little inconvenience as possible to the clients of the company. Attention has been given to the heating arrangements, which will enable the various stocks of metallic and sandpaper goods, &o., to be kept in proper condition.

There is a full complement of offices for management, travellers, operators and clerks, which occupy the front and upper portion of the building.

The general management of the district still remains in the hands of Mr. Harold E. Cooper at Kettering, and the local management is conducted by Mr. T. Smith.

Substantial additions have been made to the staff to cope with the increased requirements of this section of the Kettering district.

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