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From Shoe & Leather News – May 3rd 1935
John Cave and Sons Ltd

John Cave - the founder
The business of John Cave and Sons, Ltd., Rushden, has been established for approximately 80 years. From its inception its productions have been characterised by sterling quality and sound service. The factory all along has been well equipped, but it can confidently be said that no factory is better equipped to-day, or more up-to-date in its layout. Goodyear welted footwear has been the predominating feature of the firm's goods; they cater for the medium and best-class trades. Recently they have put on the market a range of fitting footwear both in Goodyear and handsewn, three shapes and four fittings. Then the last year or two they have developed the ladies' side of the trade and their weekly output has already assumed considerable proportions. Mr. W. E. Capon is the managing director and is maintaining the progressive policy of the company. Special attention is being given to the advertising side of the business and valuable assistance is provided for distributors with supplies of smart show cards.

The Commonwelath Works - postcard
An extensive instock system is in operation, ensuring prompt deliveries of men's "Commonwealth" shoes, the "Commonwealth Junior" footwear for young men, and "Cavette" shoes for women. The designing and productive side of the business is in the capable hands of Mr. W. C. Keynolds, works manager.

A tin of Cave's dubbin for cleaning their
branded shoes. It was given away perhaps
at the time of purchase of the shoes, as the
tin is marked "not for sale" around the edge.

Photographed Courtesy of Rushden Museum

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