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W. W. Chamberlain

Mr W W Chamberlain

Agent For
Messrs. Paulson & Paulson's
"All Leather" Boards.

Sole Manufacturer for the
United Kingdom of their
"All Leather"
And Fibre Stiffeners.

Also Solid Leather Stiffeners
for Army, Navy, & the Home Trade.

This business was started about three years ago, on a small scale, which very quickly developed on finding that the “A. L. Board” Stiffeners were approved and used successfully by some of the largest manufacturers in the county. Since then machinery has been quadrupled, the factory doubled in size, and millions of these stiffeners have been made for Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, South Africa and India, and not a single complaint or return has been received.

Mr W  H Chamberlain
Mr D Chamberlain
A new business has been added in the manufacture of Stiffeners for the British Army and Navy, and many, many thousands for the Russia Ankle and Cossack Boots have been turned out, with every success.

New premises have been acquired in Higham Ferrers, which will be used entirely for the manufacture of Leather Stiffeners, and high-class Heels.

Mr. Chamberlain is assisted by Mr. W. H. Chamberlain, and also Mr. Donald Chamberlain. The latter enlisted in the R.G.A. some 12 months ago, and is now serving in France.

Mr. Chamberlain is well known over a wide district, and, besides the above business, caters very successfully for the leather trade and holds considerable stocks. He thoroughly understands the business, having had a wide experience with the best houses.

Rushden Echo, 26th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Coming-of-Age—Mr. W. H. Chamberlain, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Chamberlain, of “Hillcroft,” Irchester-road, Rushden, attained his majority on Tuesday, and in the evening a number of his friends were entertained by his parents at “Hillcroft” in honour of the event.

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